There is movement within the cult. They are mad as hell at us for pointing out Governor Palin set this as her own drop dead date.Palin supporters want us to know that despite Sarah Palin saying that she’d decide by the end of September and despite Sarah Palin fan sites at the beginning of the month saying she’d announce by the end of the month, it wasn’t actually Palin talking in “voice of God” talk, but rather a non-binding advisory opinion. On the same day she said September was a “drop dead date” she told David Brody it could be October. This must be like when the Pope says something, but doesn’t require that all Catholics go along with it and the Pope himself can change his mind.Nonetheless, we’ll still keep chronicling P-Day. Today is the day according to her, not according to her fans. And yes, she has said the “media” is not going to set a “drop date” for her, but she set this one. In fact, you can hear Sarah Palin on tape talking about the deadline here. Go to 2:42 on thisPalin says, “”I have said that that August to September time line is important for a number of reasons.”I believe it is Jake Tapper in the blue shirt who then asks her “So by next month?” which would be September.Her response?”I think that practically speaking that would have to be it, that drop dead date. Also, in fairness to supporters who are standing on the sidelines, this is what I’ve told Todd over and over again, I don’t want to be perceived as stringing people along.””Drop dead date” was her turn of phrase.Hasn’t happened yet. Suck it up people.

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