Totally (Not) Meghan McCain. FACE!

Last Saturday, Leon wrote up a parody of Meghan McCain relating to her recent comments not liking Rick Perry. The idea of parodying the inane ramblings of Meghan McCain came to him after his rather epic review of her prior inane ramblings turned into a book.This latest post was too much for Meghan McCain. A sample of that post:


Firstly in the first place, some people had a question about my very obvious statement, “I don’t necessarily agree that Rick Perry is George Bush on crack, but he could definitely be described as George Bush 2.0.” The question, I have most often, been asked, is why I did not include literally anything in the piece to back up this claim or point out, the places where Perry and Bush are similar, the reason for that being simple. Hello? They are both from Texas. I guess I should apologize for, assuming that most people knew that already, but I guess they don’t. Well I am here to tell you in case you didn’t know: both George W. Bush and Rick Perry are from Texas. Now, in the entire time I have been paying attention to politics, there has only been one President of the United States elected from Texas. And if electing someone, from Texas was a winning strategy, then obviously, there would have been more.Some ignorant jerk, clearly who doesn’t know about the young people, pointed out that George W. Bush 1.0 won, two elections, which is two more than my dad did. Let me just respond to that jerk by saying that George W. Bush only won those elections because he didn’t have to go against my dad either time. FACE!

Apparently, Leon captured Meghan’s writing style too well. We’ve received a letter from her attorneys demanding we take down that post and a second parody from March 22, 2011, wherein the user “Totally Meghan McCain” wrote a review of Donald Rumsfeld’s Known and Unknown. You can read the letter in all its glory right here.A sample of that post on Rumsfeld’s book, also not actually written by Meghan McCain:


In the first point, Known and Unknown is, to belaboring a point, very long. It is much, much longer than the youth of today will be willing to take in their hands and read. It is almost as long as this review of my book (have I mentioned that I wrote a book? I say this so, that you will know that I am an authority on this subject and, not so that you will think I am bragging because bragging is not what I am about. Like my education at Colombia, I hardly ever mention that I went to, a prestigious college, like Colombia, because I am sure that the fact that I am the product o f a very expensive education shines through in my writing so, there is no, need to constantly point it out). I have no idea whether that review was a good one or bad one. Why? Because I am young and like other, people who are young (and who party and drink and dare to use the word “sex” in a book title) I have better things to do with, my time than.. where was I going with that again? That is not the important thing which is important. The important thing is this, that Known and Unknown is very long.

According to Meghan McCain’s lawyers, “These fake front page posts place Meghan McCain before the public in a false light which is highly offensive to a reasonable person. The “community” that voted to put these posts on the front page, acted at least in reckless disregard as to their falsity and the false light in which Meghan McCain was being placed.”Further, the lawyers have requested that we “take down the posts and the comments associated with them. We ask that you print a retraction acknowledging that the posts by “Totally Meghan McCain” of March 22, 2011 and September 17, 2011 were not written, submitted or authorized by Meghan McCain, or anyone associated with her.”Ok — the posts were not written, submitted, or authorized by Meghan McCain or anyone associated with her. For those of you who were confused, we apologize profusely that you could read those posts and think any reasonable person could write them. We’re actually stunned that any reasonable person could read those posts and think a living human being wrote them.They’ve now been taken down. We’re confident that we are within our rights to parody and mock Meghan McCain on this, but it is frankly not worth our time.




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