Republicans' Not So Secret Weapon in 2012

I got an email from a friend of mine yesterday forwarding an email regarding healthcare. I got an email from another friend yesterday doing the same. Both use the same company for health insurance.That company, MetLife, announced right after the 2010 election it would end long-term care insurance.There are a number of companies in the same boat. And the reasons do not all have to do with uncertainty about Obamacare. In fact, in addition to the unexpected future costs to health care companies due to Obamacare and the availability of Obamacare for employee shifting, ridiculously low interest rates, etc. are a contributing factor.But this is becoming more common not just for long term care rates, but general health insurance rates as well.In the examples of both of my friends, MetLife is raising rates 45% on existing employees and denying new employees access to coverage. In effect, MetLife is trying to extricate itself from the business of long term care and charging customers through the nose hoping the customers will drop the policies.This is a not so secret weapon for the GOP in 2012. In addition to inflation and the diminished purchasing power of the middle class because of Barack Obama’s economic policies, his health care policies are jacking up costs as well.The economy will be the message if the GOP can just focus on it instead of the many sideshows the Obama Administration and the media will try to throw at them.



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