The Undefeated

Steve Bannon and the fine folks at CRC Public Relations sent me an advanced copy of The Undefeated to watch over this past weekend.I curled up in a comfortable chair in the home studio and fired up the movie.To give you a sense of the movie — more a documentary — the film came about with Governor Palin’s desire to give a full account of her tenure as Governor of Alaska and beyond without the all too frequent anti-Palin bias that exists within parts of the media.Already, some leftwing bloggers are others are comparing it to Hitler’s Triumph of the Will (yes, I realize Leni Reifensthal was the director). The Undefeated, as if anticipating this, opens with clips of a lot of Hollywood nuts and other lefts bashing Palin. Many do so merely because she breathes. In some parts of the world, nothing Palin can say or do will win her praise. The film makes that clear.One of the most surprising aspects of the film is repeatedly highlighting how Palin transcended party while in Alaska. She frequently worked across the aisle with lots of Democrats, a number of whom still sing her praises today before entering the Witness Protection Program for doing so.The film concludes with a comparison between Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin. Just as the Republican establishment attacked and tried to shut down Reagan, they are doing the same to Palin. I’m not sure I buy the extent of the comparison and issues within the conservative establishment highlighted toward the end, but I have frequently said myself that Palin taps into something with conservatives that no one since Reagan has done.The film will make its official debut in Iowa. I’m left with the conclusion that Governor Palin is seriously considering a run for the White House, but I think the jury is still out on whether or not she does actually run.



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