The Fight of the Century

Much of the rhetoric coming out of Washington today is, not surprisingly, related to medicare and the impact it had on the special election in New York.

I am of the opinion that it did not have as much impact as other issues, but there is no denying it had some impact. It just wasn’t, despite left-wing spin, the foundation of the GOP’s disaster.


But, coming out of Washington today, the GOP is wringing its hands saying the public just doesn’t understand, the Democrats are demagoguing the issue, and lying.

This, friends, is exactly what the Democrats said about the GOP on healthcare in 2010. The GOP should not reduce itself to repeating the Democrats mistakes or defensive rhetoric.

Frankly, I think the GOP needs to get out there now and point out the real facts. Medicare is going broke. Paul Ryan does not kill off or starve or drive up costs on old people. And I would point out the Democrats want Medicare to go broke so they can yet again impose expanded socialism on America.

Yes, I think the GOP needs to get out there and confront senior citizens with the facts, the solution, and Democrat inaction. Scare the bejeezus out of the old folks with the truth. They’ll vote GOP. They and their forebears did not fight to keep this country free only to see Democrats willfully collapse the system to replace it with European style socialism.


They get it. The GOP just needs to make sure they hear the message over the media and Democrats. It’s time for a 501(c)(4) to get with Frank Luntz, focus group some ads, and make some massive ad buys.

If the Republican Party cannot reform Medicare — if the GOP cannot win this fight — there is no way they will ever repeal Obamacare. This fight must be won.


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