Morning Briefing for April 20, 2011

RedState Morning Briefing
For April 20, 2011

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1. The Left Takes the Debt Ceiling Debate Hostage to the S&P

It is worth noting that when Standard and Poor issued its warning about American debt it did not mention the debt ceiling debate.In fact, Barclay’s Bank specifically noted in its statement about what it all meant that “This announcement was not about the debt ceiling; in fact, the debt ceiling is not even mentioned in the S&P release.”. . . .The American people understand what it means to refuse to pay down credit cards and instead get new credit cards. They understand that is what government is doing. And they are tired of it.If the Republican Party will not aggressively fight for real cuts and real reform in exchange for raising the debt ceiling, if at all, it very much will be time for a third party in this country.Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. Let’s Take Barack Obama’s Advice on the Debt Limit

Back in 2006, as the vote on the debt limit came up, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Harry Reid all voted against it.Here is what I am calling on all Republicans to do.They should go to the floor of their respective house in the congress and, before pledging to vote against the debt limit just like Barack Obama did when he was there, they should quote Barack Obama. Every single one of them.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Is Obama Planning to Impose DISCLOSE Despite FEC, Congress & the Supreme Court?

Having launched his $1 billion election campaign a mere two weeks ago, Barack Obama appears to be moving quickly to try to further tilt the political landscape to favor his union cronies through an Executive Order that implements certain portions of the failed DISCLOSE Act.As first reported by Pajamas Media, the White House is circulating a draft Executive Order (in full below) to agencies for comment. As drafted, the Executive Order would only affect government contractors—not unions—and would require the contractor, as well as its directors or officers, to disclose any contribution or expenditures.Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. Lafayette, Here We Come?!

I will post two recent items from the White House. I let you decide if they reek of total incoherence. The first was written in response to a call for a more rapid removal of US forces from Europe.The second comes from President Obama’s recent campaign polemic on deficit reduction.Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. One Year’s Worth Of Union Dues Could Support 265,447 U.S. Workers For A Year

Union bosses have been engaging in class warfare for so long now that it’s become standard for the media to echo the meme without challenge. An example of such mainstream Marxism is in today’s Bloomberg piece entitled ‘Runaway CEO Pay’ Could Support 102,000 U.S. Jobs, AFL-CIO Says. Bloomberg’s piece relies heavily on the AFL-CIO’s Executive Pay Watch, which was set up years ago to conduct a haves vs. have nots class warfare campaign to eventually have CEO pay limited by law or regulation. This was something union bosses accomplished to some degree with last year’s “Wall Street Reform.”Please click here for the rest of the post.

6. WaPo Poll: More Trouble for Obama on the Economy

As I have stated before, the economy is the Democrats’ signature issue, and the one on which they rely to win elections, particularly on a statewide and national basis. The Washington Post has a poll out today which demonstrates further why Obama is vulnerable in 2012: In February, 2009, voters approved of his handling of the economy by a 60-35 margin. Today, they disapprove of his handling by a 57-42 margin. A stunning 46% of voters strongly disapprove of Obama’s handling of the economy. Note, of course, that this is a different issue from Obama’s handling of the deficit, and Republicans should be wary of confusing the two.Please click here for the rest of the post.



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