A RedState Mission: Get the Dems on Video

The other day in Ohio, House Republican Leader John Boehner said Mr. Obama should fire Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and economy adviser Larry Summers.I agree. But what do Democrats in Congress think? Back in 2006, Democrats were demanding to get Republicans on the record about whether President Bush should keep Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense.It’s time to turn the tables. Go get your congress critter on video. Ask if he agrees with John Boehner that Barack Obama should ask for Tim Geithner and Larry Summers’ resignations. Oh, and if you get your congressman to take a position on the Ground Zero Mosque, you just might get bonus points and maybe an extra prize!Post your video to our Facebook page. Each person who does so will get a copy of my new book.(one book per person, mission may end at my say, Geithner or Summers being fired, or September 15th, whichever comes first. Post your video to Facebook. Note that you’ve done so in the comments here)



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