Morning Briefing for June 24, 2010

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For June 24, 2010

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1. In Obama’s skin-deep understanding of policy, 30k troops + Petraeus = Automatic Victory in Unwinnable War

By now, you’ve heard or seen the news: President Obama (D-IL) has accepted the resignation of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who had until now been in charge of the coalition’s erstwhile efforts in Afghanistan, and is attempting to demote General David Betray Us Petraeus from CENTCOM commander to czar of the eastern front of the Global War on Terror Isolated Effort to Diplomatically Prevent Man-Caused, Non-Islam-Related Disasters.

Though my friend, and fellow War on Terror-era veteran, John Noonan disagrees, as do eminent persons like Max Boot and Rich Lowry, I see this as a move which proves Obama’s understanding of policy and strategy — particularly that which went in to taking the Iraq effort from near-failure to success — really don’t go deeper than the most cosmetic level.

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2. The Battle Moves to Colorado

Conservatives did a marvelous job rallying in South Carolina and Utah. Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, and Jeff Duncan scored major conservative victories in South Carolina. Mike Lee will go on to be the next senator from Utah.

The next big race will be Ken Buck vs. Jane Norton in Colorado. And conservatives need to rally to Ken Buck.

Already the Norton campaign has gone totally negative. It’s becoming increasingly hysterical to see Norton supporters complain loudly that “Ken Buck did it first” when it is Norton folks sending out mail attacking Ken Buck already, not to mention emails galore.

The Norton camp is fully disintegrating in panic because new polling shows Ken Buck with a sixteen point lead. Norton is being advised by John McCain’s consultant Charlie Black, who is also Norton’s brother-in-law. I’m afraid if conservatives don’t unite quickly behind Ken Buck, Charlie Black and Jane Norton’s angry young campaign manager Josh Penry are going to go scorched earth on Ken Buck — if Norton can’t win they’ll make it impossible for Ken Buck to win too.

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3. “ObamaCare – Three Months of Broken Promises”

A couple of weeks ago I gave the GOP a hard time about not paying close enough to the disastrous ObamaCare legislation and allowing Americans to forget about what has been rammed down our throats by the Democrats. Today, House Minority Leader John Boehner’s office published a thorough analysis of the “Three Months of Broken Promises” brought on by this abomination, and in doing so, he has done an excellent job in publicizing the lies and broken health care promises of the Obama administration.

There’s a reason why we must continue to be diligent in our opposition: there is a direct correlation between opposition to ObamaCare and support for GOP candidates.

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4. Amerabia

I had the great pleasure of seeing Pope John Paul II in 1993 during the World Youth Day events held in Denver, Colorado. I have fond memories of that time, for it was a very moving and influential experience.

But, it was also punctuated by debate. On many street corners anti-Catholic groups were handing out literature to the throngs of Catholic pilgrims who were making their way from event to event. The anti-Catholic groups were actively proselytizing by engaging World Youth Day participants in conversations both civil and not so civil.

Fast forward now to 2010, to Dearborn, Michigan, where an Arab Cultural Festival was recently held … a group of 3 Christians stood outside of the festival grounds and peacefully handed out the Gospel of John presented in both English and Arabic. They did not harass. They did not throw about epithets. They simply handed out a book for anyone willing to take one.

In about 3 minutes’ time … yes, just a scant 3 minutes … they were descended upon by no less than 8 Dearborn Police Officers. They were arrested and their video camera was confiscated.

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5. Going Where I Shouldn’t. Saying What I Shouldn’t.

In victory one is supposed to be magnanimous — a polysyllabic word for not being a sore winner.

The race in Utah, the attacks on Jim DeMint, the other problematic issues behind the scenes, etc. test the limits of magnanimity.

I am going to go where I shouldn’t go and say what I shouldn’t say.

Some of you are really, really not going to like it.

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