Morning Briefing for June 18, 2010

RedState Morning Briefing
For June 18, 2010

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1. Joe Barton, Honesty, and Shakedowns

Let’s be honest. The White House meeting with British Petroleum was a shakedown.The White House threatened criminal prosecution of BP, the President gave a miserably received speech, then he hauled BP into the White House and put the Attorney General in the room with the CEO to stare at him, then the President demanded $20 billion.It was a shakedown.Had British Petroleum affiliated with Al Qaeda and tried to blow up an airplane, it would have gotten due process rights, a court appointed lawyer, and miranda warning while avoiding Henry Waxman.But let’s continue our honesty: Who the heck cares besides Joe Barton? What planet has the man been living on? Has he not seen what BP has done and not done? He thinks we owe BP an apology? I don’t think so.And keeping with the honesty, let’s also admit the Congressional hearing was a show trial. The only thing separating it from a Soviet show trial is Tony Hayward, the CEO of British Petroleum walked out without any lead in him. The result, however, will be the same as a Soviet show trial: not a single thing will happen. Nothing.Why? Because while Joe Barton is mourning the shakedown on BP, Barack Obama is still the largest donor of BP money in Washington. Rahm Emanuel gets a bedroom provided by BP’s pollster Stan Greenburg, who also happens to poll for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and is married to a member of Congress.Were this a Republican administration the New York Times would be screaming about incest.Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. Could Hillary Return in 2012?

Rob Long uses two datapoints — the stunning decline of Barack Obama’s popularity, and the rise of Hillary Clinton’s — as the basis for a timeline of the unthinkable: could Hillary Clinton challenge Obama in 2012?There’s certainly space for a McGovernesque movement here — I think the important datapoint here is the activist left’s fundamental rejection by the White House, borne out in the San Francisco protests which united Tea Partiers and Code Pinkers. Obama has disappointed his base in so many areas, either by failing to keep his promises or by dragging his feet on things they view as moral imperatives — on health care, on Gitmo, on Afghanistan, on security policy, on DADT, and on any number of other policies. There will be ramifications for that disloyalty.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Quietly revising the 2012 Democratic nomination process.

A good number of people – on both sides of the spectrum – are allowing themselves to speculate on the previously-unthinkable scenario that possibly, just possibly, the President might be successfully challenged in the primaries in 2012. This is America, right? People come out of nowhere to win elections all the time. Why, look at President Obama! He did precisely that in 2008.Yes. That’s why he’s redesigned the system to keep it from happening in 2012.Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. Chris Matthews’ ‘The Rise of The New Right’: Deceptions and Delusions

MSNBC aired a Chris Matthews special, labeled a documentary, called The Rise of the New Right. I decided to take a quick break from my radical right wing extremist acts like bitterly clinging to my guns and my Bible, whilst fiendishly drawing Hitler moustaches on Obama photos, to watch it. I know. Apparently, I’m a glutton for punishment. However, while absolutely infuriating, it was simultaneously hilarious and almost took my mind off the distressing shortage of windmills in this country.Almost immediately, two things became rather apparent. Firstly, MSNBC’s NewSpeak definition of “documentary” is evidently “blatant fallacies and pure propaganda”. Secondly, it’s quite clear that Chris Matthews’ leg ‘tingle’ has moved into his brain, or what passes for some semblance of one. Either that, or he’s merely decided to embrace his cuckoo pants. Plus, he’s a big, fat liar. I feel no qualms about saying that, since Matthews spent a full hour demonizing me and people like me as violent, irrational racists.Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. Better the Christian Hating Lesbian Than the Black Man

Stuff like this is probably why Alvin Greene is the Democrats’ Senate candidate in South Carolina.Greene, a man with no home, no money, and no job, beat the Democrats’ hand picked candidate for the right to lose to Jim DeMint in South Carolina. The Democrats are pounding their fists on the table claiming it was a dirty trick.This is an intentional distraction. Why is it a distraction? Because otherwise the media would be pointing out that a man who spent no money at all and had zero name recognition beat the Democrats’ chosen candidate. That would mean (1) the Democrats’ chosen candidate truly sucked or (2) Democrats in South Carolina are genuinely stupid.Behold the healing power of “and”.Proving it is both, the Democrats are set to run a candidate against Alvin Greene as an independent. Who did they pick? Linda Ketner.If the name sounds familiar it is because Ketner ran against Congressman Henry Brown in 2008. Ketner is a lesbian, which is largely inconsequential, except that added to it she openly hates Christians who bitterly cling to orthodox Christian teachings.Please click here for the rest of the post.

6. An NRA Board Member Takes on the NRA

Cleta Mitchell is a member of the NRA’s board and the kind soul who reviewed my CNN contract for me. She’s a terrific champion of liberty and is in the Washington Post this morning with some harsh words for the NRA.Please click here for the rest of the post.



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