Jennifer Rubin: The Greatest Tweet Ever Sent

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President Trump has been living rent-free in Jennifer Rubin’s head for the past four years. Every day, her profound hatred for the President compels this poor afflicted woman to humiliate herself in a new way. Several times a week, Rubin actually becomes the news because of another tone-deaf tweet.


Today, she managed to outdo herself and wrote, in my humble opinion, the greatest tweet ever sent, which I’ll get to.

Over the weekend, she gave us this:

This, of course, made us laugh because we remember the Jennifer Rubin of 2018.

Oddly, there were quite a few hits for Rubin’s tweets on Justice Brett Kavanaugh, but they’re no longer available. Deleted?

Last month, a weekend contributor to George Washington University Law School Professor Jonathan Turley’s website, wrote an article arguing that WA Gov. Jay Inslee’s decision to cancel schools in his state for the remainder of the year was possibly unconstitutional.

Articles posted on this site automatically appear in Mr. Turley’s twitter feed. Ms. Rubin saw this tweet, jumped the gun, and quickly tapped out her response. She wrote: “Sadly, you’ve become crackpotish. This is an absurd argument.” Crackpotish?

If she had even clicked on the story, she would have immediately seen at the top of the page, directly below the title, that the writer was Darren Smith, a weekend contributor. So, Rubin had not even opened up the article, let alone read it, to know what the argument was that she had declared “absurd.”


Mr. Turley himself addressed this episode in a column. And he wrote that this was not the first time she had failed to take a moment to get her facts straight. In December, he was asked by the House Republicans to appear as their witness in the impeachment hearing, “Constitutional Grounds for Presidential Impeachment,” before the House Judiciary Committee.

Republicans were delighted with Mr. Turley’s testimony. He told lawmakers, “I remain concerned that we are lowering impeachment standards to fit a paucity of evidence and an abundance of anger.” Mr. Turley, a Democrat who does not support President Trump, knocked it out of the ballpark for the GOP.

In February, Rubin wrote a column about Attorney Norm Eisen, who had testified as a witness for the Democrats at the December impeachment hearing. Ms. Rubin, operating at her usual level of veracity, wrote, “[Eisen] managed to extract concessions from the Republican witness, Jonathan Turley, that were later used by House managers in the trial.”

This was an utter misrepresentation of the facts. Mr. Turley was asked to answer the question with a simple yes or no. Here is the entire exchange from which Ms. Rubin draws her conclusion:

Eisen: “And Professor Turley, you recently wrote in the Wall Street Journal, and I quote, ‘There is much that is worthy of investigation in the Ukraine scandal, and it is true that impeachment doesn’t require a crime.’”

Turley: “That’s true, but I also added an important caveat.” (Turley attempted to interject.)

Eisen: “Sir, it was a yes or a no question. Did you write in the Wall Street Journal, ‘There is much that is worthy of investigation in the Ukraine scandal, and it is true that impeachment doesn’t require a crime?’ Is that an accurate quote, sir?”

Turley: “You’ve read it well.” (smiling)


Her statement does not even remotely reflect what was said.

Which brings us to Ms. Rubin’s gift of the day:

Yes, Sen. Collins is kind of a strange bunny. Still, brace yourselves for Ms. Rubin’s response.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, has to be the greatest tweet ever sent!


H/T: Twitchy, Sarah D.


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