Adam Has to Cut This Schiff Out: He Demands that Trump Stop Blaming China and the WHO for Wuhan Flu

Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool Photo via AP

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff of Calif., speaks during the House Intelligence Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2019, in the first public impeachment hearing of President Donald Trump’s efforts to tie U.S. aid for Ukraine to investigations of his political opponents. (Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool Photo via AP)



Days after Fox News’ Brett Baier reported the stunning news that multiple officials have “high confidence” the Wuhan Flu originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a Level 4 biological testing lab located in Wuhan, China, top House Democrat Adam Schiff (CA) tells President Trump to stop blaming China, the WHO, or the states.

Baier told Sean Hannity his sources are “100% confident that China altered the data, the statistics. They did a lot of things to contain the information. Meanwhile, they cut down – as you mentioned – travel from Wuhan internally, but left the international flights going and that’s obviously how you have a spread like this.” The CCP didn’t want those infected in Wuhan to spread the disease inside of China, but were fine with them spreading it to the rest of the world. Perhaps, in the case of the United States, they saw it as an opportunity.

The Chinese knew in December that human-to-human transmission was a certainty, yet they repeatedly claimed it had not been proven. And the corrupt World Health Organization (WHO) accepted this lie at face value. As late as January 14, the WHO announced that “Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus.”


Then the CCP’s powerful propaganda team began its despicable campaign to blame the virus on the U.S. They found out fast that the tactics they use on their own people won’t fly on the world stage.

My question for the dangerous and repellent Schiff is why wouldn’t President Trump blame China?

This morally bankrupt, partisan hack, with the assistance of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has done more to harm the U.S. in the past four years than any other individual.

Schiff arrived in Washington in 2001 following a long, expensive and bruising battle against the Republican incumbent James Rogan.

Prior to the election, this district had been trending Democrat and many of its constituents had opposed the impeachment of President Bill Clinton two years earlier. Rogan had been aligned with then-Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and fully supported the impeachment effort. He was chosen as a House Manager in Clinton’s impeachment trial.

Unseating Rogan was a high priority for Democrats in the 2000 election. They achieved their goal when then-state senator Adam Schiff won the election which, at the time, was said to be the most costly House race ever.

The L.A Times called it a “contest supercharged by a national audience and record spending.”


The Daily Caller’s Peter Hasson pointed out the great irony that Schiff won his first seat in Congress by “staking out a hard line against the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton.” Yet nineteen years later, he led the charge for the impeachment of President Trump. In fact, Schiff became the very face of the push for impeachment.

Hasson cites an October 2000 article which appeared in Salon written by Anthony York. “Impeachment as a political issue has all but disappeared from America’s political radar in this election, with even Al Gore refusing to make the partisan death match of 1998 and 1999 a campaign issue in the year 2000. But here, in California’s 27th District, Rogan’s battle with Democratic state Sen. Adam Schiff seems the last bloody battle of the impeachment war…Schiff used impeachment as a fundraising tool.”

Hasson also dug up some of Schiff’s campaign literature from 2000. In a fundraising letter, Schiff is quoted saying, “in the partisan impeachment hearings that polarized our nation for so long, the right-wing Rogan stood out.”

Breitbart’s Joel Pollak unearthed a CNN article entitled “Specter of impeachment haunts Rep. Jim Rogan’s re-election effort,” which was written in 2000.

Following the impeachment of Bill Clinton, in the House election of 2000, Democrats made defeating Jim Rogan their highest priority. Adam Schiff was delegated as Clinton’s hatchet-man on the left coast.

When Clinton was acquitted in 1999 of perjury and obstruction of justice charges, the Clintons vowed to take Jim Rogan out. And together with a loyal pack of national leftist operatives, they engineered the biggest funneling of Democratic money into a single U.S. House race in American history. To distance them from Clinton’s affairs, they picked Adam Schiff, a fledgling leftist party lapdog as their pawn to checkmate Rogan’s career.

The election of 2000 was the most noxiously repugnant, clandestine and brutal campaign in U.S. history. From the day the party tossed Schiff’s Dodgers cap into the ring, the left’s propaganda machine was in overdrive to defame Rogan. They were on a mission not to just defeat him, but to destroy him. Bill Clinton even held a fundraiser in Washington for Schiff. This was the first time in history a president hosted a fundraiser for a congressional candidate who was not an incumbent.


Equally ironic, according to the L.A. Times, in 2000 Schiff touted himself as someone who had “a good record of working in a bipartisan way to find solutions.”

He remained obscure until he recognized his moment had arrived at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. He became a cheerleader for the new narrative which was that the Russians had hacked the DNC’s computer to help Trump win the election. Happy to talk to any reporter, he soon became the “go-to guy” for anything related to the Trump/Russia investigation. Schiff was finally receiving the admiration he’d craved from the Democratic Party. He never missed an opportunity to assure the American people that evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia was hiding in plain sight. He’d found his niche. Adam Schiff – spewer of lies and hate.

For over three years, Schiff was the face of the Democrats’ failed effort to connect President Trump to the Russians. Deeply disappointed after Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel failed to deliver, Schiff pounced on the opportunity Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky offered him.

Schiff obviously took Trump’s acquittal by the Senate hard, and for over two months, we’ve barely heard from him. His abrupt irrelevance must be just unbearable for him.

But he wants to get one more whack at the President. As we speak, he’s building his new case against Trump because he can think of nothing more glorious than a late summer/early fall second impeachment inquiry

His failed attempts to bring down the Trump presidency have cost both Schiff personally, and the Democratic Party a lot of political capital. Schiff has become the boy who cried wolf. And trying to convince Americans that the Wuhan Flu is not China’s fault is his weakest fight yet.


Do us all a favor Congressman. Go away.


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