Jeb Bush REALLY Liked the Super Bowl Halftime Show

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)


J. Lo and Shakira teamed up for a memorable Super Bowl halftime show at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL. Reviews were mixed, to say the least, ranging from “dazzling” to “filthy.” The show featured a pole dance and a crotch grab from J. Lo and even an on-stage visit from her 11-year-old daughter while Shakira entertained with a snake-like tongue motion.


One thing is for sure. Jeb Bush loved it. He tweeted that it was the “Best Super Bowl half time show ever.”

Because this comment was unexpected from the usually reserved Jeb!, the reaction was swift.

The folks at Twitchy want to know what Jeb’s favorite part of the show was? Was it J. Lo’s crotch grab?


Or her pole dance?

Don’t worry Jeb, by tomorrow everyone will have forgotten your tweet. Not!


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