Black Film Producer, Activist Asks 'Why Should We Honestly Support the Democrats?'

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Documentary film producer, author, internet radio host and activist Tariq Nasheed asked a question we’ve all wondered about for decades. He tweeted:


Trump is actually talking about providing specific tangibles to Foundational Black Americans…Yet the democrats who Black Americans have been so naively loyal to, are adamant about NOT doing anything specific for Black Americans.

So why should we honestly support the democrats?

And that’s not the only nice thing he’s said about Trump recently. Last month, he tweeted this:

Trump says Black people built America,(and he is 100% correct)…Whats interesting is the Democrats won’t even give Foundational Black Americans that credit. The Dems run around talking about “iMmigRaNtS bUiLt aMeRiCa”.

So what’s the difference between the Democrats and Trump?


I came across a video Nasheed had made over the summer. At the time, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian had reached out to Trump to help them get rapper ASAP Rocky released from jail in Sweden.

The video wasn’t a regular broadcast. Nasheed was basically thinking out loud while driving. He said he thought that Trump’s willingness to help ASAP Rocky was strategic and probably insincere and that he has always been a racist. A low bar, I know.

However, he said, “the fact that Trump has strategically made little moves like this to offset the claims of racism” was “the thing.”

Democrats, see this is the thing, the Democrats want to have you sit up here and point the finger at Trump and talk about how insincere and disingenuous he is. That’s still better than what the Democrats have done. The Democrats don’t even pretend to give a damn about black folks. Trump is actually doing something that the Democrats don’t do. They don’t reach out and help us. They help and prioritize everybody else except black people.

Trump could completely destroy the Democratic Party. All he has to do is just create one program specifically for black people, even if it’s minute. And that will completely destroy the Democratic Party.

Who’s going to do some tangible things for black society?


Trump has already accomplished some tangible things for blacks. The unemployment rate for blacks is at a historic low. He passed criminal justice reform legislation and his administration provides “ongoing support for opportunity zones in urban areas and new investments in historically black colleges.”

Ja’Ron Smith, who serves as the deputy assistant to the President, said, “I don’t know anyone who’s done that kind of work outside of the president on attacking those big issues or trying to stop drugs from coming into the neighborhood and, at the same time, giving people second chances.”

Two days ago, his campaign launched its “Black Voices for Trump” initiative which they say is “dedicated to recruiting and activating Black Americans in support of President Trump.” He was greeted in Atlanta by a large crowd of African-Americans, many of them wearing “Black Lives MAGA” hats. That said, most headlines about the launch describe his support among black voters with words like  “anemic” or “meager.” Although Trump has made an effort, he’s not seeing any meaningful increases in polling data.


During his 2016 campaign, he would go into heavily black neighborhoods and say “What have you got to lose?” Now, three years later, he’s delivered on his promises.

How smart of Nasheed to realize and give voice to the fact that Democrats haven’t done anything for them. I rarely agree with anything Nasheed says. In my opinion, he sees racism everywhere, even where it doesn’t exist. But he is evolving and he does have influence over a fair number of others.

Blacks just might be reachable for Trump.



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