Astonishing Transformation: Scott Pressler's Group Cleaned Up L.A. Homeless Camp In 9 Hours; Removed 50 Tons of Garbage

Screen Grab: Scott Presler’s before photo.

Conservative activist Scott Presler continued to deliver on his pledge to clean up Democrat-led cities across the country. He tackled his biggest project yet on Saturday. Wearing hazmat suits, he and a group of 200 volunteers spent nine hours removing 50 tons of garbage from an L.A. homeless camp. The photographs show a remarkable transformation.


In the video below, Presler shows what the camp looked like before they went to work.

Nine hours later, the results speak for themselves.

Imagine if the left spent less time crusading for the rights of migrants crossing into the U.S. illegally and more time solving the problems of American citizens requiring assistance.

It’s not hard. Presler shows us what it takes. Why have the leaders of these largely Democrat controlled cities ignored the problem for so long and allowed conditions to deteriorate to such hazardous levels? There are common sense solutions to these problems if liberals would stop crying about conditions at the border and act.


As Presler says, #StopTalkingStartDoing.

Presley told reporters, “The highlight of the day was when a homeless woman said to me, ‘Thank you for keeping your promise.’”

His next project will be a third cleanup in Baltimore scheduled for October 5th.


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