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Two To Remember

National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children

What is the difference between a child who dies as a result of an abortion and a child who dies as a result of a miscarriage?


According to the CDC’s 2012 Abortion Surveillance Summary, the most recent year available, 91.4% of abortions occur ≤ 13 weeks gestation; a woman is most vulnerable to miscarriage ≤ 13 weeks gestation.

If the “viability” of the fetus is equal, what is the difference between a child who dies as a result of an abortion and a child who dies as a result of a miscarriage? Perception.

Last month, a landscaping crew in a Chicago suburb discovered a black backpack left beside the roadway of the house where they were working. Inside, wrapped in a brown bath mat, was the lifeless body of a newborn baby girl, […].

Local police launched an investigation to find the baby’s mother, and community members stepped forward to cover funeral and burial expenses—the only act of human kindness they could offer to this abandoned child. Though initially referred to as “Baby Doe,” the police began to call her “Baby Hope,” inspired by the hope that her mother could be found and the mystery of her brief life revealed.


What a stark contrast to the way we treat those other abandoned children, the unborn victims of abortion!  – LifeNews.com

Perception is a strange motivator and difficult to affect.

World Suicide Prevention Day

Although some suicides are impulsive responses to outside influences, much more are depressive events within a complex mental disorder, i.e. major depression, bipolar disorder.


A mental disorder is not a feeling, it is a chemical imbalance in the brain. No rational person would ask a diabetic to “cheer up.” The rational person would suggest the diabetic check blood sugar, or inject insulin, or help them get to their doctor.

WHO (World Health Organization) gives the following advice on suicide prevention:

Suicide is a complex issue and therefore suicide prevention efforts require coordination and collaboration among multiple sectors of society, including the health sector and other sectors such as education, labour, agriculture, business, justice, law, defense, politics, and the media. These efforts must be comprehensive and integrated as no single approach alone can make an impact on an issue as complex as suicide.

I respectfully disagree with WHO. Suicide prevention is not complex. The mental disorder usually associated with suicide is complex, but prevention is rooted in perception. Prevention doesn’t involve multiple levels of government, it involves the person with the mental disorder and her/his support system, i.e. faith, family, friends, mental health practitioner.

Change perception; prevent suicide.

WebMD offers some dynamic suggestions to help a diabetic friend avert a diabetic episode. Specifics should be switched out, but generally, the same care applies to someone diagnosed with major depression as someone diagnosed with diabetes.

  • Remind him to check his blood sugar levels on time.
  • Help to make and get to doctor appointments.
  • Offer to keep a record of her symptoms or other concerns, and agree to help her talk about it with her doctor.
  • Together, plan how to handle a diabetes-related emergency or complications.
  • Support him in making good food choices, and prepare healthy food together.
  • Go with him to a diabetes support group.
  • Encourage them. It’s hard to have a serious medical condition.

WHO’s list is a convoluted, multi-intergovernmental bureaucratic hot mess. More importantly, their list will do very little to prevent suicide. Sorry to repeat, but repeat I must: Suicide is generally a symptom of a mental disorder which is a chemical imbalance. It can’t be made to feel better and no one can be assigned blame, therefore assigning a government agency to it, will not prevent it.

Perception is key.


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