WaterCooler Tuesday, 7/19/2016 - Open Thread - Laughter, Nothing to See, Strange Fellows and the Constitution

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Laughter: The Best Medicine

Dressed as a character from “Hunger Games,” Colbert entertains from the Republican Convention stage.

“A man who appears to be security then confronts Colbert, who says ‘I know I’m not supposed to be up here, but let’s be honest, neither is Donald Trump’ before being led off stage.”  –  AP

He’ll be at the Convention all week, folks!

“Trevor takes a look back at the bizarre and unprecedented primary season that led to Donald Trump’s emergence as the GOP nominee.”

Nothing to See Here.

While some delegates raged against the establishment machine inside Quicken Loans Arena yesterday, another delegation loitered behind protesting Anti-Trumps (not to be confused with NeverTrump, please) who are, if Monday remains the example, boisterously, yet peacefully marching in the streets of Cleveland this week. Friday, RedState Susan Wright, posted on Amnesty International’s plans.

Identifiable by yellow t-shirts with “Amnesty International Observer” printed across the front, the ladies and gentlemen of AI lined Cleveland’s designated protest route.

Throughout the day they tweeted a few times. Clearly ready to spring into action.

“Happening Now: Police increasing presence in main square. #Right2Protest #RNCinCLE”

“Monitoring stepped-up, police presence at Perkin Plaza following peaceful march & protest. #Right2Protest #RNCinCLE”

“Protest pass Cleveland State University, hundreds peacefully protest, police block streets. #Right2Protest #RNCinCLE”

From most accounts, the sun set with little to note. Let’s all pray a little prayer, the remaining days of the convention we hear crickets.

Strange Bedfellows

June of this year, the ACLU brought suit against the City of Cleveland on behalf of two disparate groups. The ACLU was asked by Citizens for Trump, a pro-Trump group and Organize Ohio, a progressive “agency” who would be marching for economic inequality, to argue for, among other things, the reduction of the event zone.

“The amended rules announced Wednesday extend a designated parade route for protest marches, shrink the event zone where the rules would be enforced by roughly half and allow people who live within the zone, including the homeless, to carry banned items including bottles and cans.”

“The new rules ensure that people have meaningful opportunities to express themselves on some of our most important national issues,’ the ACLU of Ohio’s executive director, Christine Link, said in a statement.”

All is right with the world.

 “Life, Love and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Peoria’s Journal Star reporting from Cleveland yesterday:

“Clutching a sign demanding that Trump read the Constitution, Faten Odeh, a social sciences teacher and a Muslim who lives in Cleveland, said she had come out to oppose the divisive rhetoric of the Trump campaign.

‘Our Constitution says that all men are created equal, and that all people have the right to life, love and the pursuit of happiness no matter what,’ she said. ‘It doesn’t specify that you have to be white, it doesn’t specify that you have to be Christian.'”

You’ve found RedState’s only daily Open Thread. Cleveland: Sunny! Enjoy!