WaterCooler Saturday, 6/18/2016 - OPEN THREAD - Dating, Doonesbury and Dubya

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Want a Date?

Thursday HelpsGood announced, as spit-shine new, an old dating app they exhumed from 2014 for Apple and Android users for the politically inclined to hook up with other politically inclined members. It’s called “candiDate.” Clever.

 “The app is nonpartisan, just like love.”

First, I’m pretty sure, except for a select fortunate few, love is partisan. Second, candiDate is brought to us by an aggregate of liberally focused campaigns.

HelpsGood, app creator, is a progressive ad agency founded by Michael Bellavia who cofounded in 2012 Million Puppet March on the D.C. Mall to protest Mitt Romney’s assault on frivolous funding.

VoteSmart, source of evaluating questions, is owned and operated by Richard Kimball. Although jury’s still out on just how non-partisan VoteSmart is, it’s safe to say Democrat Kimball and the vast number of VS’s board members are left of center.

Rock the Vote, app is powered by. RTV’s infamous non-partisan initiative: “In 2009, Rock the Vote ran a campaign encouraging people to refuse to have sex with those who opposed what they regarded as a reform of American health care.”  Nice.

The conspiracy minded amongst us might ponder the point to a homely, old app that asks oddly phrased politic “dating” questions like, “do you support requiring illegal immigrants to return to their country of origin before they are eligible for citizenship?” and, “do you support targeting suspected terrorists outside of official theaters of conflict?”

Pollster’s attempt to gauge 18-29 year old Sanders’ supporters jump off candidate?

Yuge!  30 Years of Doonesbury on Trump

Supremely prophetic strips portending America’s doomsday collision with Donald Trump are chronicled, much to his dismay. This not-yet-on-the-shelves satire of Trump, covers three decades of soothsaying derision from Garry Trudeau’s Michael Doonesbury.

Trudeau’s compendium of The Donald’s guffaws, scuffles and bleeps are courageously cartooned in living color. Short excerpt.

Trump evolves.

“‘People tell me I should be flattered,’ was Trump’s initial response to his appearance in Doonesbury, but the boasting didn’t last long. Before long, he’d moved on to confusion (‘Most people are like me; they don’t comprehend what Trudeau’s trying to achieve’), followed by blatant inconsistency (‘Actually, I don’t read his stuff”), wishful thinking (‘It seems very few people read what he writes’), whining (‘It’s too bad that he’s allowed to write this garbage’), and a torrent of name-calling (‘sleazeball,’ ‘third-rate talent,’ ‘jerk,’ ‘total loser’).”

The soft cover book is set to be released July 5th.

“Some sequences eerily echo reality; in fact, uncannily foreshadow it. But this chronicle of America’s dysfunctional dance with The Donald, presented through the unparalleled pen of a master through Doonesbury will delight those who would rather laugh than cry at the current political landscape.”

You gotta laugh.

Dubya Stumps for McCain! Whaaat?

Man! Clean up on aisle Red is underway and the big guns aren’t playin’. Anyone minutely politically awake over the past decade and a half, will understand the weight of this.

Recap: George W. Bush and John McCain have had an irreconcilable understanding since the 2000 primary when a surrogate-run-amok, made the Naughty list that year.

“The battle between Bush and McCain for South Carolina has entered American political lore as one of the nastiest, dirtiest, and most brutal ever.” ~ Wikipedia

It’s startling given that, although baby Bush positioned (lukewarm) support for Mitt Romney in 2012, he did little to no trail running to help Romney defeat the incumbent Democrat. The consensus seems to be the fight for a Republican president is all but lost, therefore winged bovine be damned, take cover and knock the Democrats on their legislative arse.

It has to be this way. “W” had little choice. Trump refuses to “self-finance” his bid for the highest office in the land, therefore RNC resources, manpower and money, meant for ALL federal, state and local Republican races are being siphoned from those crises to fuel up the Trump Train.

Today’s Washington Post sums up the RNC’s Trump dilemma,

“Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus has been urging holdouts to clamber aboard the Trump train, although he’s had limited success in persuading Trump to change his ways. At some point, Priebus may be under pressure to cut loose the candidate at the top of the ticket to save others down the ballot, just as happened in the closing days of the 1996 campaign when the RNC jettisoned presidential nominee Robert Dole in a successful effort to preserve their House and Senate majorities.”

I’ve heard around the watercooler, that the Republicans are backdoor unifying. It’s like after a disaster when neighbors, who 24 hours before, distrusted, even hated each other, turn to each other to help rebuild? The Republican’s crisis of conscience is the political equivalent of Katrina.

Extra Credit Reading:

The 2000 Bush/McCain Cage Match.


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