Progressive Media Omits My Point About MLK In CO Speech *UPDATED

Over the weekend at the “Farewell to Arms” event I purposefully quoted and riffed from Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic “I Have A Dream Speech.” The entire point of my doing so was at the end, when I said “And the entire point of this? This historic civil rights leader was disarmed, just as you, Colorado, are being disarmed. The left never tells you that King’s gun permit was rejected.”


Would King have been alive today had he been granted the right by the racist, Democrat south to own a gun? Who knows. But my point stands.

Gun rights are civil rights.

This was bait. And the leftist media, namely Raw Story, took it — but they predictably had to bastardize my 20 minute speech to barely over one minute and omit its entirety so they could play a race card. Why not report how your policies disarmed a civil rights leader?

I also discussed how my ancestors (records show my ancestors’s losses on the Trail of Genocide, unlike the faker in MA) were among the first in a federal gun grab. That worked out well for American Indians at Wounded Knee, I noted sarcastically.

Leave it to the WASP Democrats to take my bait. Now you have to report all of it.

*UPDATED: Raw Story and the authors of this slimy piece have gone underground.

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 6.34.40 PM


Webster is now refusing to comment, David Edwards (who is noted to contributing to the piece, contributing what, is unclear). I’ve told him to come on air with me tomorrow and answer for his smear. My producer has already emailed.


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