Media "Expert" SIUE Prof: 'April Is A Month For Right Wing Extremism'

Shameful. Last night KSDK, the local NBC affiliate in St. Louis, gave platform to SIUE professor Dr. Morris Taylor who suggested that Boston is the work of “right win extremism” because April is the month of “Hitler’s birthday and Timothy McVeigh.” The remark comes at around 1:40:


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Dr. Morris Taylor, a terrorism expert with Southern Illinois University Edwardsville joined NewsChannel 5 at 10 p.m. to talk about his reaction to the blasts.

Hitler was a socialist and McVeigh was an anti-God statist inspired by the Turner Diaries. Is this professor ignorant of history?

I think KSDK, SIUE, and Taylor owe apologies for impugning half of KSDK’s viewership last night.


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