Who is Going to Put an End to the McCain/Graham Circus?

How often do you find Democrats scoring points for the opposing team on a daily basis?  Never.  Yet that is what Lindsey Graham and John McCain, the defacto leaders of the GOP Senate, accomplish every day.  Worse, they use their bully pulpit to muddle the GOP message in the eyes of the public and convince the rest of the conference to join their merry band of Benedict Arnolds.

After declaring that Chuck Hagel was unqualified to serve as Secretary of Defense, the brokeback duo lead the retreat on the filibuster yesterday.  In doing so, they showed that there is not a single issue, including foreign policy, in which they will not score points for the other team.

While their treachery on the issue of illegal immigration is nothing new, this story concerning their private lovefest with Obama is particularly appalling:

Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham and John McCain returned to the Capitol from their White House meeting with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. more encouraged about the prospects for an immigration overhaul.

The duo declined to discuss the specifics of their conversation, but were broadly appreciative of the president for reaching out.

“It’s one of the best meetings I’ve ever had with the president,” Graham told reporters. “Sen. McCain made a strong point about the border, and the president understands the working components of it, so I was quite frankly encouraged. I think we’ll have presidential leadership in a very productive way on immigration reform, and with that, we’ve got a very good chance of doing it this year.”

The South Carolina lawmaker said the president showed he would be flexible.

“He committed himself and his office to be helpful, and I believe him.” Graham said. “He wants to be a helpful entity here. … I couldn’t have been more pleased.”


So on the very day that Obama repugnantly let criminal illegals out of prison, Graham and McCain are saying they never had more cooperation from Obama on immigration!  The man who has dedicated his presidency towards the nullification of our immigration laws is being lauded as one who is “committed” to security!

McCain has really come a long way from his “build the dang fence” mantra he used to win reelection in 2010.  How much longer are we going to tolerate his systematic destruction of the party?  Lindsey Graham is up for reelection in 2014.  Are we really intent on giving him a pass so he can continue doing the bidding of the left?

How are we ever supposed to win over hearts and minds when the loudest spokesmen for our party are the most passionate supporters of every aspect of Obama’s agenda?



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