The Culture Wars #118: Offensive Hamburgers and Transgender Animals

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Welcome to another week on our march to Armageddon, otherwise known as the culture wars.  Here are seven stories that may or may not have made headlines here at Redstate.


Attacking a Bull

A Texan by the name of Tevon Varlack, age 42, attacked the famous bull statue on Wall Street with a banjo shouting “F!@# Trump.”  He managed to damage one of the bull’s horns before being stopped.  The bull, of course, is a symbol of a healthy, growing economy, but apparently even this upsets our friends on the Left and their hopeless allies elsewhere.  Given his sociopathic history, he is clearly a member of the Left.

Lefty Hypocrisy in Congress

Congresscritter John Lewis (D-GA) filed a new bill with Congress- the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Act which would permit taxpayers who object to war to dedicate their taxes to a separate fund for non-military purposes.  Ironically, or not, Lewis also joined 106 other Democrats in 2016 urging President Trump to repeal the Hyde Amendment which protects taxpayers from funding abortion.  Hence, in the mind of the Lefty: killing babies- good; killing America’s enemies- bad.

Killing the HAMburger

Everyone knows the venerated hamburger is living on borrowed time.  The climate change hysterics are against eating meat unless it is some form of insect.  But, Burger King in South Africa is going a different route by not using the “ham” part of “hamburger” in their menu choice.  It has nothing to do with climate change and everything to do with not offending Muslims.  Apparently, Burger King in South Africa believes Muslims are not intelligent enough to understand that hamburgers contain no ham.  Talk about the soft bigotry of low expectations…


And Now…Transgender Penguins

Sea Life London announced that a lesbian penguin couple will adopt and raise a genderless “chick.”  The purpose is to study its personality without “pre-conceived gender roles.”  One supposes it a blessing in disguise that penguins and not humans are involved in this act of depraved social engineering.  Next up?  Perhaps the London Geological Society will run an experiment to determine if rocks are gender fluid.

Thou Shall Be Erased From Memory

In 2018, John Schattner, the CEO of Papa John’s pizza, committed the ultimate blasphemy- he used the “N” word.  Mind you: he did not call anyone that word.  Instead, he denounced people who used the word but had spoken the word when talking about others who said the word.  The crazies in State College, PA have voted 6-3 NOT to use Papa John pizza in the school district for pizza days.  Mr. Schattner must first be “unpersoned” by the thought police.  Instead, Dominos got the contract even though Papa John’s submitted a lower bid.  Your tax money at work.

Moving the Voting Age

According to the crazies at Vox, the United States should abolish voting ages and allow anyone “capable” of filling out a ballot vote in all elections.  Um…put a crayon in the hand of an infant and it is “capable” of filling out a ballot.  Lowering the voting age to 16 is a bad enough suggestion, but anyone?  Folks- these are the people who also eat Tide pods!


A Transgender Dress Code

Possibly coming to a school near you soon, one school in Lewes, England is forbidding girls from wearing the grey pleated skirts which have been a tradition since the school had a dress code which is…like, forever.  Instead, they are now mandated to wear grey “gender-neutral” slacks along with the boys so as not to offend the possibly transgender kid in the school. School officials could not determine if they have any transgender students to offend, but that did not stop them from calling the police to deal with the 50 or so girls who showed up in skirts.

Well, that’s it for another week of this sad saga of craziness.  This episode was brought to you by Maytag- “our repairmen are the loneliest guys in town.”



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