Culture Wars #113- Hamburgers, Skeeters, and Test Grades

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Welcome to this week’s edition of the culture war series- a look into some of the most demented and twisted actions of those who are “social justice warriors,” and just plain dumb people.  Here are seven stories that may have made headlines, but likely not.


Teachers: Stop Grading Students!

Richard Wolff, an economics professor at some school in NYC, has found the smoking gun preventing the country from becoming a socialist Utopia: grades.  Says Wolff, teachers grading students on things like papers and tests is simply a means to prop up a capitalist meritocracy.  Because there are things like A’s and F’s, it creates “socially divisive inequalities.”  Get rid of grades and we get rid of merit so that we can then all sit at home and collect a government check.  Yay!

Victoria’s Secret: Stop Promoting Pretty Women

Succumbing to pressure from a LGBTQAXYZ+ lynch mob, Victoria’s Secret has announced the hiring of their first transgender model- Brazilian actress Valentina Sampaio.  I’ll be the first to admit that I was fooled when I first noticed his/her picture which you are free to see here.

One wonders how they will parade down the runway in lingerie without their junk flopping out, but I suppose there is duct tape…

Another Link Between Trump and Russia Discovered

The Washington Post recently ran a story supposedly about summer and the tendency of Americans to have barbecues that involve hamburgers.  Given the popularity of fast food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King, one can make a case that the hamburger is our national food.  The article then makes this claim:

But peel back the oil-spattered pages of history, and you’ll find that the sandwich so closely aligned with the stars and stripes was once also embraced by the hammer and sickle. (Yep, like so much about this current administration, even Trump’s beloved hamburgers have surprising ties to Russia.)


Of course, the American love of hamburgers precedes Donald Trump.  And ignore the fact that the millions who starved under the hammer and sickle would have loved to eat a hamburger.

While on the Subject of Trump, a New Legal Defense is Invented

In early August, 39-year-old Curt Brockway assaulted a 13-year-old when the youngster failed to remove his cap during the National Anthem at a rodeo in Montana.  The youngster suffered a fractured skull.  However, Brockway’s lawyer asserts that Brockway was simply doing what the Commander-in-Chief wants and is not responsible for his actions.  Call it the “Trump Wanted Me to Do It” defense.

Unsexing Pregnancy

Writing in the Columbia Law Review, two professors laud the country for enacting sex-based discrimination laws.  As a result, they say, the country has discovered what they apparently did not know beforehand- men can parent.  However, they then argue that it is too late because there is too much discrimination before a couple has a child and there are not enough legal protections during pregnancy.  That is, sexual stereotypes are set and reinforced in society during pregnancy.  My solution: when men grow a uterus and associated plumbing to have children, the academic’s musings will be… academic.

Stop Killing Skeeters

Amyeric Caron is an over-the-top animal rights defender from France who has recently taken up the plight of mosquitos.  Because the little creature lands on you and sucks your blood should be no reason to swat them dead.  After all, they are just looking for protein to feed their eggs so that more mosquitos can be born to find your arms and legs.  He says that allowing a mosquito to drink your blood is the equivalent to giving a blood donation.  He leaves out the fact that mosquitos manage to kill over 700,000 people worldwide every year with the diseases they bear.  Instead of Shark Week, perhaps we should have Mosquito Week on television.  Top it off with “Mosquitnado.”


Does This Count As “Reparations?”

The Minnesota Department of Human Services announced that they have overpaid two Indian tribes $25 million for substance abuse programs under Medicaid.  The tribes have been reimbursed for in-person visits when the medications are actually taken at home.  The tribes and the state are at a standoff regarding the return of the funds.  Just let them keep the money and call it reparations for stealing their land.  What is $25 million of taxpayer money when there is a wrong to correct?

Check back next week for more of the culture war craziness.


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