A Not So Great February Thus Far for the Democrats

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One supposes true conservatives should be celebrating right now.  The debacle unfolding in Virginia coupled with other events thus far in February have Democrats scrambling.  Let’s start in Virginia where governor Ralph “That’s Not Me” Northam is under fire for evidently appearing in blackface or a KKK costume sometime while attending medical school.  Although he denies ever doing this, he did admit to dressing in blackface in a Michael Jackson impersonation contest.  However, Northam is paying proper penance at the altar of racial politics and prostrating himself before radical black ideas.  He is even reading Ta Nehisi Coates and watching Roots if reports are to believed.

Should he eventually decide to step down, the back-up, Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax, finds himself embroiled in real #MeToo moment standing accused of forcing oral sex on an unsuspecting female and possibly raping another while in college.  Unlike the Kavanaugh nonsense, the accuser is more believable in that she has actually provided a date, location and the circumstances under which the forced oral sex encounter occurred.  Because of this evidence, Fairfax now contends the sex was consensual, which seems to be the fallback for politicians caught with their weiners out.

Then the Democratic Party has drawn clear battle lines in the divisive issue of abortion having taken a hard left turn in that area and pulling onto a road called infanticide.  Between the law passed in New York and the one attempted in Virginia, the Democratic Party is showing their true colors when it comes to abortion- a wanton disregard for innocent life.  Every editorial in support of their efforts inevitably mentions the non-existent Constitutional right to abortion.  Here, the supporters are simply showing their ignorance and they should be encouraged to do so because the more they talk, the deeper the hole gets.

Smelling blood in the water, the clown car of Democratic presidential aspirants is growing by the week.  Elizabeth Warren made it official and it also became known that she used her fake Native American heritage on official forms.  Amy Klobuchar came out swinging against climate change while standing in a snowstorm.  Corey Booker continues to roam the country assuring us he’s not gay as if anyone cared.  Regardless, it shows that the Democrats are still somewhat gun shy when it comes to gay rights.  Kamala Harris seems to be the front runner at this early point in the sweepstakes having somewhat weathered the storm of stories that she slept her way to the top.  That says a lot about today’s feminist.  But, hey… woman power, right?

Then there was the rollout of AOC’s vaunted Green New Deal, a proposal so ridiculous the ‘I’s” were probably dotted with little hearts.  Between retrofitting every home and business in the United States while we figure out how trains will run to Hawaii and cow farts are reduced, we found out there will be a living wage for those unable or “unwilling” to work.  I’m no socialist by any stretch of the imagination, but sign me up for that “job.”  The publicity was so bad even Nancy Pelosi had some not-so-nice comments about it.  Not surprisingly, all the dimwits running in 2020 on the Democratic side actually signed on to this piece of nonsense.

And why not?  After all, Trump in his State of the Union address hit the nail on the head when he asserted that the United States will never be a socialist country.  That is what the Democratic Party is all about.  Their hard turn to the extreme Left whether creating non-existent “rights to abortion” to wealth redistribution efforts to open borders to abolishing ICE belies their true intentions in the name of good intent: transform the country into a socialist hell hole.

If we take Trump at his word, then he may be the only person standing between America as a we know it- a vibrant capitalist country- as opposed to a North American version of Venezuela.  Of course, there is one silver lining should the Democrats ever get their way; at least it will stem the tide of illegal immigrants from Central America.  Why leave one hell hole for another hell hole?

I suppose conservatives in the country owe a certain degree of gratitude to the likes of Allie from the Bronx, Andrew Cuomo and Ralph Northam.  In the span of two weeks, they managed to, as others have noted, remove the mask from the Democratic Party and their Leftist allies.  They have been exposed as callous socialists with no regard for human life.  Who would have thought three short years ago Donald Trump would be the man to goad them into the light?  The question now is whether they are left off the hook.  Somehow with Trump in the Oval Office, this writer doubts it.