The Culture Wars, Volume 60

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It’s the dog days of August, so named after the appearance of Sirius, the dog star, in the evening sky.  And as sure as that star shows up every year, so the culture wars continue unabated. Welcome to part 60 of the culture wars with some snarky commentary at times.


Jerky McJerkface of the Week

In a touching bit of irony, Democratic Senator from Hawaii, Brian Schatz, commenting on a Trump rally, had this to say:

We have no equivalent to the dark carnival that is a trump rally. This is not a thing on the left. We just argue about health care and climate and sometimes relitigate 2016 but we are not actually out of our minds.

Seriously?  Has he heard Maxine Waters lately or witnessed any one of the thousands of protests since Trump was elected?

Hillary Hits Broadway

No- it wasn’t for the opening night of her biography- “The Hunchback of Chappaqua.”  Instead, she showed up with her entourage at a showing of “Hello Dolly” starring the bovine Bette Midler.  She received a standing ovation from the adoring crowd where one reveler yelled, “You can still be 46.” Hillary then gave an impromptu pep rally to the cast during intermission.  Yep… she’s running in 2020!

Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Mentally Deranged and Unappreciative

Remember that piece of scum that managed to shut down the Statue of Liberty on July 4th?  The Congolese immigrant had a day in court. As she was headed into the courthouse, she had a unique take on her adopted country calling it “motherf***ers,” “drug addicts,” “KKK,” and “fascist USA.”

Illustrating that the United States takes in only the best and brightest the Congo (per capita income $1,079 US Dollars) has to offer, this crazy loon now faces only misdemeanor charges for her antics.  Wonder what such an action would get in Congolese justice….


Diary of Anne Frank Gets a Much Needed Updating

Director Stan Zimmerman has brought Wendy Kesselman’s adaption of “The Diary of Anne Frank” to the stage in Los Angeles.  In this rendition, a Jewish woman is hiding a Latino family from the Gestapo, er… ICE.

Is Zimmerman suggesting that living in Mexico or Central America is the equivalent of Auschwitz?

What’s a Statue When There is Whole City Name to Change?

Forget about that statue of Robert E. Lee and that street named after Jefferson Davis.  There are bigger fish to fry as in the name of a whole city that happens to be a state capital.  Seems that some people in Austin, Texas have discovered after these many years that Stephen Austin, for whom the city is named, was opposed to Mexico’s desire to abolish slavery.  Never mind the fact that Austin himself was conflicted about slavery.

Instead of changing the name of the town, they should just move the whole capital to Amarillo which means “yellow” in Spanish.  But, that too might offend someone.

Republicans Are…Communists?

A billboard in Colorado put up against the Republican Party has the “O” in “GOP” replaced by a hammer and sickle- the international symbol of Communism.  Said those who put up the billboard: “The Republican party is now the party of Putin and Russia and siding with them against the U.S.”


As a point of historical fact, it was the GOP, not the Democrats, who presided over the fall of Communism in Russia.  In fact, Russia is no longer Communist.  Meanwhile, it was the Left and Democrats who were thoroughly infiltrated by real live Communists.  Just ask Ted Kennedy and Diane Feinstein.

Obama Wins Another Award

Remember when Barack Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize for being not George W. Bush?  Well, the accolades keep coming. He recently received the Robert F. Kennedy Ripple of Hope Award for being Barack Obama.  This should be a lesson for all children these days: you can do absolutely nothing in life and still become President, win a Nobel Prize and other awards.

Next up for Obama: the Stanley Cup.



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