Viva La Resistance?

The first time I heard of a resistance movement against Donald Trump’s Presidency was about 48 hours after the election when the unexpected happened- we were not submitted to four years of Hillary Clinton cackling and coughing.  That came on one of my favorite lefty websites- Alternet.  Or was it Slate?  Whatever the outlet, the name of the writer was that Lilliputian former Labor Secretary Robert Reich.


Since then, among the over 2,198 smoking guns that were to be end of Trump’s presidency, we had- depending on your preferred mainstream media news outlet- these primary causes: something involving a campaign finance violation, some relationship with a Russian oligarch which at this point seems to be everyone in Russia, some memo that no one understands given the number of redactions, some sex scandal, Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen, a bogus investigation by a premiere law enforcement officer who has assembled the best and brightest investigative team in the history of mankind, and the list goes on.

Of course, the media is enthralled with the Trump presidency and they are falling over themselves trying to be the one that brought you the story that brought down Trump.  This phenomena was met with ridiculous lows when the media tried to portray MS-13 gang members as something above the level of “animal” which we all know they are sub-animal creatures.  Hell- Nancy Pelosi even saw the inherent divinity in people who cut out the hearts of victims, rape women and decapitate informants all in the name of drug trafficking.  One has to give, for example, Don Lemon at CNN some credit for at least being consistent in his unhealthy preoccupation over the Russian collusion delusion (sort of like someone else who used to be on this site).  Sorry…that’s right- he’s on to bigger and better things- Stormy Daniels.  A typical Don Lemon lead in: “Ten people were killed in a school shooting in Texas today.  We’ll get to that story in a minute, but first this bombshell from Stormy Daniels’ lawyer…”


With every bombshell and smoking gun, eventually we find there was nothing behind the smoke in that gun.  Perhaps, it was just dust.  So the story sputters and all we are all left with is talking head pundits droning on considering what if the now discredited smoking gun bombshell was correct as if their hypotheticals are the news.

All of this animus is motivated by the fact that their gal didn’t win in 2016.  The preordained failed to happen and that has to sting them big time.  Writing insults online in blogs, drawing derogatory paintings of Trump or even depicting yourself holding his severed head (do that eight years ago and the SPLC would be on you like a horsefly on dog sh*t), or showing up at the occasional protest is one thing.  Personally, I find the display of their vulgarity and stupidity uplifting since it shows we have a vibrant First Amendment- something the resistance will have no need for should they seize the reigns of power.

Translating that “rage” into political victory may be another thing altogether.  One of the greatest predictors of midterm outcomes is the generic poll between Democrats and Republicans.  What once looked like a so-called “blue wave” now looks like a gentle blue ripple lapping at the shore.  Yes- the GOP will lose seats in the House; the party in power in the White House usually does in midterms.  But as the gap between Democrats and Republicans has narrowed in the generic poll, the numbers for Trump’s approval rating are going up, albeit slowly.  Being Trump, there is always the possibility those numbers can change on a dime.  He may be a Tweet or two away from a drop in approval.


But what if the so-called resistance prevails and they take over the House in 2016?  Consider the fact that four House candidates in the Pennsylvania primaries who won were endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America.  Consider that Keith Ellison and Thomas Perez at the DNC are going full-on socialist in their party’s position platform.  Consider worst of all that if the Democrats gain control of the House we will be subjected to yet again the worst thing to afflict American politics since the outbreak of the Civil War- Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

While the Democrats are secretly telling their candidates to remain mum on the issue of impeachment, GOP candidates and the media would be well-served to force them to answer that question.  Yeah, I know… the media won’t and the GOP is to squishy.  But according to this very same resistance, should the Democrats gain the House, and SHOULD they initiate impeachment proceedings, and SHOULD they find a crime other than Trump’s hair style, and SHOULD they prevail, and SHOULD the Senate convict, the resistance would be left with Mike Pence as President.

Nothing against Pence, but I’ve read and been told by resistance members that he is the second coming of Hitler who will ship off gays to re-education camps, end birth control in the country by nationalizing the uterus of every female over the age of 12, and force everyone to convert to Christianity or get the hell out of America.  That’s after he has every illegal immigrant shot trying to cross the border and ordering the assassination of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan (he’ll keep Breyer for show).  And the Cuyahoga River will once again be ablaze!


The resistance must face a stark reality.  They love Donald Trump as President!  But for Trump, they would cease to be.  Trump validates their very existence and no one in their right mind wants to cease to be.  He’s great for TV ratings on news shows.  He’s great for the news…period.  Can you imagine how boring the news would be without Trump?  They’d have to actually report the news and who wants that?  And if they get rid of Trump, they by their own portrayals and words would be left with something even worse- Mike Pence as President.

We are told that California is the “State of Resistance.”  Forget generic polls, party platforms and presidential approval ratings.  If California truly is the “state of resistance” then the flow of citizens out of that socialist hell hole may be the biggest indicator that the resistance is nothing but loaded words, imagery and puffery devoid of political clout.  When you count among your leaders discounted losers like so-called Republican Evan McMullin and people like Robert Reich, I don’t think the House or the Senate may be at stake in 2016.


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