The Mis-Education of David Hogg and Others

What a wonderful scene it was in Washington on Saturday, March 24th.  About 200,000 people gathered to exercise their First Amendment rights of free speech, assembly, and petitioning the government for a redress of grievances.  Although trash was left behind and some signs were of the bawdy nature, it was a peaceful affair where speaker after speaker rose to the dais and argued for abrogation of the Second Amendment rights of others.  The fact that the protesters and speakers were guarded by armed police did not go unnoticed, nor the fact that many who lent support- financial, in person, or moral- also use armed guards to protect their pampered, privileged lives.


Perhaps the most obnoxious human in America right now is David Hogg, the face of the anti-gun crowd whose claim to fame was hiding in a classroom making a YouTube video as visions of being the next Michael Moore danced in his head.  This know-nothing dupe of the Left may have legitimately felt scared on February 14, 2018 in that school in Parkland, Florida, but being afraid does not make one an expert on gun control and his amateur film making makes him even less of an expert and more an opportunist.

In a way, I cannot blame Hogg 100% although I thoroughly believe someone needs to take him behind the woodshed and give him a good spanking.  The fact he probably believes as he does was evident in that vaunted CNN townhall (a/k/a ambush of gun advocates). During one exchange between a teacher and Dana Loesch of the NRA, the teacher asked Loesch to define “how an 18-year-old with a military rifle is well regulated.”  She then said Loesch would be graded on her answer as if she was the teacher of the world.

Loesch responded that the “militia” was anyone over the age of 18 and “well regulated” meant they knew how to use their weapon.  The answer was accurate, but the teacher stood dumbfounded not because she was dumb, but because she was ignorant. When the Second Amendment was written, one interprets the clause as it was written, not as some teacher interprets it 200 years later.  Second, the AR-15 is not a military weapon which further illustrates the teacher’s ignorance. Third, the Left constantly tells us that only since 2008’s Heller decision the right to bear arms has been interpreted as an individual, not collective right.


Because the Supreme Court was silent on the issue until 2008 is not proof that the Left’s interpretation was the correct one.  In fact, it is ample proof of the opposite since the right to self defense predates a right to bear arms. Does the Left honestly believe the Second Amendment was written to protect the rights of hunters?  We further know it was intended as an individual right. Madison, largely attributed with writing the Bill of Rights, did not intend for them to be add-ons, but to be inserted into the text of the actual Constitution.  The right to bear arms was to be inserted in Article I, Section 9 between Clauses 3 and 4 which dealt with habeas corpus, bills of attainder and ex post facto laws.  All of these considerations dealt with individual rights retained against repressive government tyranny.

In essence, the whole anti-gun show is a sham devoid of intelligence, let alone commonsense.  The media portrays the whole sham as a grassroots happening of some high school students from Florida.  But given their lack of expertise in civics and history one doubts they have expertise in organizing national or local rallies and marches.  In fact, it is an outgrowth of Everytown for Gun Safety. This group was formed by two other groups- Moms Demand Action and Mayors Against Illegal Guns.  Both of these groups are fronts for Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun crusade. The person in charge of the funds for the March is Deena Katz, a Los Angeles activist.  A lot of the money came from Hollywood celebrities.


The March for Our Lives Fund is a 501(c)(4) organization incorporated in Delaware.  The six directors hail from LA, Chicago, DC and Madison, Wisconsin. This “everytown” is really four liberal metropolitan cities.  And while the pompadoured Hogg attacks the NRA as some nefarious group, the people backing his pablum are a nebulous group of Leftist activists who have mastered the art of political dark money.  We know who the NRA are; they often have the car decals to show for it.

Meanwhile, we have people like David Hogg accusing people like Marco Rubio of being in the pocket of the NRA.  Hogg needs a brief less in how campaign finance actually works before he makes such accusations. Most of the NRA “support” for Rubio is done by a PAC that cannot coordinate their message with any Rubio campaign.  But, should we expect more from the likes of Hogg and company?

In effect, David Hogg and his cadre of student “activists” are willingly being pimped out by the anti-gun Left.  When they get on stage and say that one day they will be voters, that is the scariest part of the whole scenario.



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