Opinion: I Am Cletus

Opinion: I Am Cletus
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A few days ago, one of National Review’s stable of schlocky scribes, scribbled a stunningly sordid story, where he snidely sullied President Donald Trump, his Wife, Children and his 75 million supporters. Kevin D. Williamson puked out a particularly nasty piece of what more than one NRO contributor as of late, has attempted to pass off as thoughtful political prose.

As I mentioned in that previous piece chiding Mr. Williamson for his classless article, shots, even brutal ones at President Trump are all fine and good, although not politically smart for maintaining a loyal political base. But nasty comments about his family and his supporters, ought to be a no-no for any political pundit with a shred of class.

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While I was writing and editing my previous article prior to publication, I had another thought wiggling around back in the dark recesses of my mind.

One of my fellow Front Pagers, Robert Hahn, while writing in the commentary for my previous article about Williamson, brought it into the light for me (Boy do I love it when my buddies do half, OK most of the work for me):

The first is the sense he has that he belongs to the select class of humans who are just plain smarter and better than everyone else. How he has managed to survive this long as a pundit on the conservative side of the aisle with that going on in his head, is a mystery. This guy is a liberal, whether he knows it or not. He needs to go into a cave for a couple of weeks, re-examine his politics and the policies that he supports and opposes, and then — as Mike suggests — go get a job at The Atlantic.

My colleague is right. Williamson, by his choice of words, clearly belongs to the same class(less) and clueless type of coastal elites that stroke their own egos, by looking down their noses at all of us rubes in the hinterlands. You know, Bitter Clingers, Deplorables, and inhabitants of Flyover Country. He likes to call a former President a “chimp”. He refers to the children of that former President as ”hideous scheming spawn.”

Evidently I must have hurt his feelings by calling out his ill mannered diatribe. Problem is, he not only hasn’t looked inward and decided to do the manly thing by apologizing to Mrs. Trump and the Trump kids, he’s decided to stay as LTG(R) Russel L. Honoré liked to quip, ”stuck on stupid.” He just had to keep digging. From his childish riposte entitled, Rage-Monkeys Gonna Rage:

Again with the continued simian references? Is that all you have Sir? I assume from your Wikipedia brag page, that you are a J-School grad of some sort. You should be able to well-outclass this simple alumnus of the first engineering school in the nation. I’m sure your education and experience should make you far more erudite than this simple grunt. Or, could it be that like many self designated elites, you were frustrated that you couldn’t get away with what you really wanted to do, referring to President Obama as such. You’d have fit right in with Bill Clinton & Ted Kennedy during that conversation where somebody said, “A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.”

Tell you what, let’s go ahead and unpack some more of your response.

Some illiterate jabroni over at RedState is in a lather about my farewell to Trump, so mad that he’s holding down the shift key and writing in all-caps.

I wrote exactly two words in all caps Mr. Williamson. Two words. All the rest were initials. I used all caps for a single word in the title. So what. However, I do hereby and abjectly beg your journalistic forgiveness for being somewhat emotional about FIVE peace accords in an area of the World where I have 6 combat tours. I am almost giddily happy and exceedingly hopeful that the foreign policy of Donald J. Trump just might have delayed, if not outright precluded the ”spawn” of other Americans from having to spill their blood there.

Like almost everything that ever has been written at RedState or likely ever will be, this is of almost no interest…

Of course. Of course nothing on Red State would be of interest to you. We’ve already danced around why. But let me spell it out for you and your fellow travelers… even those who might also be drawing paychecks from conservative media. Your article and its follow-up present, as what we ”illiterate jabronis” call, ”effete, coastal elite-speak.”

Bottom line? You just ain’t getting it Pal. Your comments disparaging President Trump’s family, the people who voted for him and now a publication that gives voice to those same people, are why Donald J. Trump got elected in the first place. He gave a voice to people with very real concerns. He gave a voice to the Cletuses of the United States.

The real Cletus isn’t a cartoon, but rather a character from an old western series, Gunsmoke. Dukes of Hazard**. Although that Cletus was portrayed as somewhat goofy, he was nevertheless known for his integrity, work ethic and solid loyalty. He was the quintessential sidekick. Cletuses in these United States fix cars, wire houses, weld, put out fires, and conduct bayonet assaults in Fallujah. Something else to consider: There are far more of us Cletuses than there are ill-mannered J-School grads with condescending attitudes. I am Cletus, and damned proud of it.

**Hat tip to “no
who caught my egregious error. I mixed up Festus from Gunsmoke with Cletus in Dukes of Hazard . My bad.

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