Opinion: Great Move NRO; You Just Insulted 75 MILLION Americans

Opinion: Great Move NRO; You Just Insulted 75 MILLION Americans
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National Review Online has absolutely — and possibly irrecoverably — gone off the deep end. First, it was Jonah Goldberg, who at one time, I considered a pretty decent author, writing witty yet thoughtful political articles suitable for advancing conservative thought. Since the arrival of Donald J. Trump on the political scene, however, his never-Trump affliction appears to have infected his writing…to the point that he is downright unreadable.

Well, folks, it now appears he has company. What’s worse is that his new wingman has manifested such a profound disrespect for 75 million Americans, that he really should change employers and go work for a publication and party whose platform aligns more with that attitude. Perhaps the Democrat National Committee and their propaganda arms, CNN, NBC, CNBC, and NRO (did I miss anyone?) would hire him. After all, they like to use terms like bitter clingers, deplorable, and flyover country.

Of course, I’m talking about you, Mr. Kevin D. Williamson. I used to read your musings regularly. Although I wasn’t always in agreement, for the most part, I considered your analysis thoughtful and productive for the advancement of conservative thought…which I’ve often said, is really our prime purpose as pundits.

All that stopped just over 3 hours after our new and illegitimate President, Joe Biden, managed to mumble through the oath ceremony. The classless piece of turgid trash you published is a disgrace to political writers everywhere. You attacked President Trump, who is fair game, but then you went after his supporters (all 75 million of us), his kids, and his wife. Although I expect such vile, nasty garbage from the left, I certainly don’t expect such from an allegedly conservative pundit. I certainly expect the publication for which you wrote this screed, to hold its contributors to a higher standard. From your mealy-mouthed, mean spirited article (emphasis mine):

First, the title: Witless Ape Rides Helicopter. Ape? Really? Here’s an easy one for you, Mr. Williamson…would you have dared to call President Obama by such an epithet? I think not.

Then there is the main event:

Well, that sucked….

…And, while we’re at it, maybe turning your party over to Generalissimo Walter Mitty, his hideous scheming spawn,… was not just absolutely aces as a political strategy.

Hideous scheming spawn? Although I’ve really never been a big fan of nepotism, in this case, given the sentencing reform initiative and the Abraham Accords, now responsible for FIVE (at last count) Mid-East Peace Treaties/Agreements after four decades of failure, both you and NRO might want to consider Trump’s kids the exception that proves the rule.

Read: Witless Ape Rides Helicopter

Then there is this gem, guaranteed to engender loyalty from the party base, again, emphasis mine:

… and the studio audience from Hee-Haw

…Think on it, Cletus. I know this whole thing still sounds like your idea of a good time — how’s that working out for you?…

Then you just have to add to the insult (BTW…what is it with Cletus?):

You Trumpish Republicans sneered that Joe Biden was too corrupt and too senescent to win a presidential campaign, that he was one part mafioso and one part turnip.

That turnip kicked your dumb asses from Delaware to D.C.
So you rioted. Real smart move, Cletus.

Our dumb asses? Cletus? What the hell is wrong with you, Williamson? Are you flat-out insane? Can you not get it through your head that 75 million people just might see something you cannot? You remind me of internet keyboard warriors who forget all politeness and decency when not forced to directly face somebody as they insult him. Didn’t you learn the lesson when the criminal crone from Chappaqua called us a basket of deplorables? Still and all, your open and egregious insult to 75 million Americans isn’t the worst offense in that trash you just published.

Not satisfied in taking out your never-Trump diatribe on President Trump and his supporters, you just had to beat up on First Lady Melania Trump, who not only is drop-dead gorgeous and speaks several languages fluently, but as far as I know, has always been proud of these United States of America. Real class act, pal.

As for the ratings Trump fears and worships, ask the Third Lady: Melania Trump departs the scene the most unpopular presidential wife in recorded statistical history.

Let me tell you something, Mr. Williamson; You are extremely fortunate in two major regards: 1) This is 2021, so we do try to settle disagreements without violence. 2)You are lucky you didn’t say anything like that about my wife, else our Seconds would have already negotiated and agreed to the details.

National Review needs to take a long look at its contributors. Divergence of opinion is one thing. Williamson’s nasty unsubstantiated attack piece targeting President Trump and 75 million Americans, while also managing to badmouth the President’s wife, was trashy at best.

In the interest of “balance,” my view of KDW isn’t shared by others like Andy McCarthy

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