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My fellow Front Pager and also fellow bourbon aficionado (sounds better than “tippler, “souse,” or “sot”) T.A.LaDuke, penned a most excellent article about what I’m seeing as a possible contender for “Best Comeuppance Award.” The Washington Post is a respondent in a 250 Million Dollar lawsuit for (ab)using its power and position to bully Nick Sandmann, a minor, for having the effrontery to wear a “MAGA” hat…oh yeah, and being a white male. Check out LaDuke’s article. It gives all the details.


This article’s focus is on what relief Sandmann could ask for; and it’s not just about the money. If history is any sort of teacher, we’ve all learned that the way these things typically play out, results in some sort of “settlement,” with all parties signing a “confidentiality agreement,” a legally binding document with sanctions (except when you sign on with Donald Trump) promising to not disclose the terms of the settlement. Finally, once the agreement is reached, it shortly disappears from public view, which is kind of the point for the Fourth Estate. Gross errors are to be denied vigorously and, if forced to admit culpability, do so quietly and move on quickly.

In this particular case, the Washington Post could decide to offer some significant amount well short of $250 million, but more than enough to impress some young man just starting out on his adult life, with college bills and family “startup costs” in the offing. Of course this financial bait would require Sandmann to sign a confidentiality agreement, thus precluding the Post from having to publicly admit (except perhaps on page E59 by the personals) any sort of culpability.

I gotta tell ya, if I was in this young man’s particular shoes, I’d be mightily tempted to take the money and run. First, he deserves that cash and more, for all the torment he’s had to undergo because of WaPo’s grossly irresponsible and unethical “reporting.” He deserves a huge reward. Second, a significant pecuniary spanking, would seem on its face, to be sufficient recompense for the Post’s sins. That’s how I’d likely see things were I in Sandmann’s shoes.


But by all accounts, Nick Sandmann is a far better man than I. When I was his age, I’m not sure I could have displayed his sense of maturity if provoked the way he was. I think he’s mature enough to ask for the following: a front page, above-the-fold admission of wrong and public apology from the Washington Post. If the Post refuses to settle, I’d like to see a judge and jury impose that as part of whatever financial award if they refuse to settle.

“WE WERE WRONG! We Sincerely Apologize For the Harm We Caused.”

No weasel words. No caveats. No excuses. I won’t hold my breath.

Mike Ford is a retired Infantry Officer who writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters.

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