Pick Your Favorite Lindsey Graham Face

Look, Lindsey Graham is what he is by now. He’s a serious voice on national security, whether or not you agree with his neoconservative point of view. He’s also an irritatingly moderate figure on many other issues, especially given that he’s elected by deep-red South Carolina. He’s the only serious, influential figure on the undercard stage, given that none of Huckabee, Santorum or Pataki has won an election in the past 13 years. Really Graham should quit this race, and the undercard debates should be brought to an end, as we get closer to the voting. But as long as they go on, we may as well get a few laughs from them. So pick your favorite face Senator Graham (R-SC) made in tonight’s debate:


1. The “Rick Santorum cites ‘theological reasons’ for not sending ground troops to Syria” face.

santo graham

2. The “I’m not afraid of a guy riding around on a horse with his shirt off” face.

santo graham 2

3. The “I just called Ted Cruz (R-TX) an isolationist” face.

graham cruz

4. The “will Santorum ever stop talking” face.

santo graham 3

5. The “we’re here all night, try the veal” face.

santo graham 4

6. The “they’re ready to die. Bring on the virgins” face.

graham wolf

7. The “oh no, now it’s Huckabee’s turn” face.

huck graham

8. The “bedtime for Lindsey” face.

huck graham 2


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