Orlando Doesn't Change the #NeverTrump Movement

From the diaries.

A recent diarist here at RedState noted that after what happened in Orlando, he is now no longer #NeverTrump.  His reasoning is pretty simple: Given the options between Hillary and Trump, Trump is the only one who is likely to do anything about the Islamic attacks that will likely happen again in this country.  However, his conclusion to this logic is simply wrong.  The conclusion to the article was that if you are #NeverTrump, and if Hillary wins, and if Hillary refuses to do anything about Islamic terror in the United States, then you, that’s right, you, the #neverTrump supporter, are to blame for that violence.  This is simply hogwash.


First off, you are never responsible for the actions of others because you didn’t support someone who might have fought against those actions.  That’s like saying that if I didn’t support Stalin and his rise to power in Russia, then I was supporting the continued expansion of the Third Reich during World War II.

You know who will be responsible if Hillary refuses to act against Islamic terror? Hillary will be responsible.  Hillary, and only Hillary will be responsible for her failure to act to save lives if she is President.  Those who did not support Hillary will not be responsible for what Hillary chooses, or doesn’t chose, to do, if she is elected President.

Trump is responsible for #NeverTrump, because he is the one who continues to lie, insult, and demean his fellow citizens whom he says he wants voting for him.

There is a second point that bears noting though:  Donald Trump, most likely, will do nothing to stop or impact Islamic terror in America.  The reason for this is that Donald Trump doesn’t know how to deal with bureaucracy, other than to throw money at it to get rulings or permits he needs.  A change in who we have as President will not immediately impact the bureaucracies that are in place that govern things such as who is actively investigated, who will be stopped, and who will simply be watched.


Yes, Trump, if he were competent, could make some changes, but they wouldn’t go into effect quickly.  That’s the very nature of bureaucracy.  The changes that Obama has been able to implement for 8 years will not be changed quickly by Trump, if they are changed at all.  Voting for Trump because you think he will stop Islamic terrorism in the United States is pure wishful thinking.

Why, in this particular instance, was the shooter in Orlando (I refuse to use his name or give him fame) only being observed?  Had he committed a crime?  Were authorities watching him because they thought he would lead them to a larger cell?

Tl;dr: Liberals immediately claim we need more gun control when there are attacks like the one that happened in Orlando.  Conservatives recognize that the new laws wouldn’t have done anything to stop what happened.  What exactly would a Trump presidency have done (not what you would want done, but what would he really do) that would have actually stopped this wanton terrorism from occurring?  Before you jump #NeverTrump over this event, or those like it, please tell me what exactly Trump is actually going to do that will make things better (and show me where he’s demonstrated smidgen of competence so I can believe he’ll actually do it).



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