Kari Lake Ahead of Katie Hobbs by 4 Points in Left-Wing Poll

Screenshot via Facebook/The Kari Lake

Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is trailing Republican Kari Lake in a new poll of the Arizona gubernatorial race.

Data for Progress, a left-wing pollster, shows former television news anchor Lake with 51 percent compared with Hobbs at 47 percent in a poll of 768 likely voters from Sept. 15 to 19.


Lake also performed slightly better in terms of favorably, with 47 percent of those polled having a favorable view of her compared to 43 percent for her opponent. In terms of unfavorable numbers, the Republican is at 47 percent compared to Hobbs’ 44 percent.

45 percent of those polled said that “addressing economic conditions, like inflation and the cost of food and gas” was the issue they were most concerned about. The Phoenix metropolitan area has the highest annual inflation rate in the country at 13 percent.

The other issues listed were about whether Democrats or Republicans were moving toward extremes and abortion access.

The poll has a four percent margin of error, and it also showed a tight race between Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly and Republican Blake Masters. Kelly led the poll at 48 percent, and Masters is behind one point at 47 percent.

Kelly and Masters agreed to debate in October, but Hobbs declined to debate Lake, which is a break in a 20-year tradition in the state of a televised gubernatorial debate.


“No, I am not afraid. I stared down armed protesters at my house, which by the way, Kari Lake has helped to incite those kinds of threats against me,” she told 12 News on Tuesday.

However, Lake wants to debate her at some point.

“The world is not an easy place. And if she can’t stand up & debate me, then she can’t stand up against the cartels, she can’t stand up against the forces that are working against the people of Arizona,” Lake said, according to Fox 10 Phoenix.


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