It's Official: Fired CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo Is Returning to Prime-Time Television

Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo will be returning to prime-time cable television news this fall as a host for NewsNation.

Nexstar Media Group made the announcement late Tuesday night that Cuomo, who was fired from CNN in December 2021 after it was revealed that he helped his brother, then New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, with mitigating the fallout from sexual harassment allegations, would be making his television comeback, NPR reported.


“NewsNation believes in the work I am doing with the Chris Cuomo Project and I look forward to building something special here – covering news wherever it happens and having conversations that cater to common concerns and solutions rather than political parties or the political circus,” Cuomo said in the press release.

The news anchor is currently suing CNN for $125 million because he believes that they violated their agreement with him, according to NPR.

“I think we need insurgent media,” Cuomo said on Dan Abrams Live on NewsNation Tuesday night. “I think we need outlets that aren’t fringe and are just trying to fill their pockets[…] I’m gonna try very hard to be fair.”


As RedState’s Levon Satamian reported on July 8, Cuomo’s removal from CNN was a rating loss for the network, as “Cuomo Prime Time” was their top-rated program.

Although NewsNation generally does not garner as high ratings as Fox News, CNN or MSNBC, they are certainly a competitor that has prided itself on getting news perspectives on all sides. Cuomo’s return to media could be a turning point for them as they try to distinguish themselves from the well-established cable networks.



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