CNN Employees Having Meltdown Under New Management as Ratings Sink

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David Zaslav, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO, says that CNN will focus on “journalism” again. Zaslav said:

“Journalism first. America needs a news network where everybody can come and be heard; Republicans, Democrats … I think you’re seeing more of that at CNN. We’re not going to look at the ratings and, in the long run, it’s going to be worth more.”


Under Chris Licht, the new head of CNN after Jeff Zucker was ousted, CNN reduced the use of “breaking news” and replaced it with “happening now.” A well-placed source told the New York Post:

“The problem is we are not a neutral country … The ratings are getting worse because they are taking out all the bells and whistles. CNN’s ratings are as bad as local news ratings … New management is not freaking out but everyone else at CNN is … They want to fix the shows first, but they don’t realize the shows and ratings are connected.”

CNN’s highest-rated show was “Cuomo Prime Time,” as Chris Cuomo competed with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Fox News’ Sean Hannity. Cuomo had the highest-rated show on the network because he brought on Republicans and Democrats to make their arguments heard. That doesn’t mean that Cuomo wasn’t biased; it just means that because he brought on both viewpoints, people tuned in to his show. It seems like that’s what Zaslav’s goal is.

Since Cuomo’s departure, the network has not been able to recover from its ratings dive.


According to Axios, Licht is assessing whether the staffers can adjust to this new approach. Anyone who doesn’t fall in line “could be ousted.”

Since Donald Trump left office, CNN’s ratings saw a dive by 90 percent.

The two networks that currently get the most views are Fox News and MSNBC.

The left-wing of the Democratic Party tunes into MSNBC, particularly because they spend most of their time trashing the GOP and only featuring never-Trumpers while bringing on no Republicans to argue their viewpoints.

On Fox News, “The Five” gets the most viewership, where they have both perspectives on the show. Tucker Carlson dominates in the primetime slot.

If CNN wants to return to “journalism,” they will have to get rid of the more biased hosts such as Don Lemon, Jim Acosta, and Brian Stelter.



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