BREAKING: Deranged Gunman Ranting About Trump Shot While Shooting Up Trump National Doral Golf Club

A man ranting about President Donald Trump and holding a large American flag walked into the lobby of Trump National Doral Golf Club in Miami at about 1:30 Friday morning, laid the flag down on the main counter and began shooting.

The Miami Herald reports, the man — who was not a guest at the resort — then waited in the lobby for police to arrive before luring several Doral police officers and one Miami-Dade Officer into a gunfight.  During the gunfight  the gunman was struck several times in the lower body. No workers at the resort or patrons were injured. A Doral Police officer hurt his wrist.

Doral Police Chief Hernan Organvidez told WSVN his officers, responded and confronted the gunman immediately upon arrival and exchanged gunfire with him.

The Gunman is now in a hospital.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the Secret Service, Homeland Security and the FBI will investigate the incident.