Don't Make Too Much Out of the Cornyn v. Cruz Kerfuffle

Ted Cruz Head to Head

Don’t read too much into Sen. John Cornyn refusing to endorse fellow Republican Sen. Ted Cruz for reelection in 2018 that my esteemed colleague Susan Wright reported on this morning. Cornyn, told CNN on Wednesday that he is “not going to get involved in any primary races, particularly with my colleagues in the Senate.” CNN’s Manu Raju went on to make as much as he could out of what he called the frosty relations between the senators.


Cruz did the exact same thing during Cronyn’s 2014 reelection campaign:

“I think it is very likely I’m going to stay out of all incumbent runs,” Cruz responded, when posed with an endorsement question at the annual Texas Tribune festival.

[. . .]

”Texans are perfectly capable of assessing every elected official, assessing our record,” Cruz said when asked about their relationship, speaking from Washington via a live-satellite link. “I like and respect John Cornyn, and I’m honored to serve with him.”

It’s all about keeping officials out of, and letting the voters decide, primary races — something many think is a good idea. The Cronyn v. Cruz kerfuffle is just a tempest in a teapot.


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