Another Day, Another Florida Poll Finds a Close Presidential Race


A new Mason-Dixon Research & Associates poll finds Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump among by two points, among likely Florida voters:

    • Hillary Clinton – 44%
    • Donald Trump – 42%
    • Gary Johnson – 6%
    • Jill Stein – 2%

Like the FAU/BEPI poll finding Trump up by two points, Hillary’s two point lead in the Mason-Dixon poll is also within the polls 4 percent margin of error. The new poll does suggest that the FAU/BEPI was off when it found Trump getting 40 percent of the Hispanic vote and 20 percent of the African American vote:

Hispanics back Clinton by 63–27 percent over Trump and African-Americans by an eye-popping spread of 91–5 percent.

The Mason-Dixon poll also found that The Donald is much more disliked than Hillary. Only 35 percent of likely voters have a favorable opinion of Clinton, while 45 percent view her unfavorably. Trump’s favorable support just 29 percent, with 52 percent unfavorable.

This poll also finds Trump winning Independents by 44–30 percent over Clinton.

As of this morning, the Real Clear Politics average for Florida: Trump vs. Clinton continues to show Hillary up by 3.6 percent, and Hillary still leads by 4 percent in a four-way match up.

I just don’t see how Trump can win without taking Florida.


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