Rubio Campaign Off the Air After the Florida Primary


CNN reports that the Conservative Solutions PAC, the big-spending super PAC supporting Sen.  Marco Rubio’s Presidential campaign is not spending any money for TV ads after Tuesday’s Florida primary. This is another sign that Rubio’s closest supporters are uncertain about his future. The PAC has spent $39 million going after Rubio’s fellow candidates and promoting Rubio. In the effort to help Rubio win Florida it has spent $9.7 million on Florida TV so far, more than twice as much any other group.


The polling continues to indicate that Trump will win Florida and some shows Rubio finishing third. But Rubio has dismissed the public polls, and vowed to “shock” the political world by winning Florida and its 99 delegates on Tuesday. I wish him luck, but it would be shocking indeed, even considering how bad most of the primary polling has been.

Rubio has not explicitly said he’d leave the race if he loses Florida. In fact he said Monday that  he planned to campaign in Utah on Wednesday no matter what.

According to anther CNN article, volunteers have poured into Florida from across the country. Campaign spokesman Alex Burgos estimated hundreds if not thousands of volunteers are deployed in the state. Rubio is furiously campaigning throughout Florida –from the Panhandle to the southern counties. But the campaign needs to do well in South Florida, where Rubio leads to offset Trump’s strength in central and northern parts of the state.


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