A majority of Americans now believe that Obama is not honest and trustworthy

A new CNN/ORC poll finds that 53% of Americans now believe that President Obama is “not honest and trustworthy.”

This is the first time that CNN polling has found that a clear majority feels that Obama is not honest and trustworthy. The CNN poll confirms what we reported last week.


Now that it is obvious that Obama lied when he promised over and over again that “if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan,” Americans’ view of Obama’s honesty has also taken a hit:

The new CNN poll also found that only 40% believe Obama can effectively manage the federal government. That is a down 12%. The ObamaCare train-wreck is so bad it has led some to start referring to the president as “Obama the Incompetent.”

The brutal poll numbers go beyond Obama’s record low approval numbers, his  honesty and his managerial skills. According to CNN’s Political Ticker, 56% now say Obama is not a person they admire, that he does not agree with them on important issues, and that  he does not inspire confidence.

You can watch CNN’s John Avalon discuss these brutal poll numbers on Political Gut Check in the following video:


CNN Polling Director Keating Holland says that the mishandled ObamaCare roll out has had a big impact on his perception as an effective manager and that may be what is driving the drop in Obama’s approval rating.

Holland points to President Bill Clinton to make the point that perceived competency is more important than honesty.  Clinton’s whose overall approval ratings remained high during and after the Monica Lewinsky scandal because Americans thought he could get things done, even though only about 20% thought Clinton was honest.


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