American Commitment Action Fund hits the Cory Booker charade

The Democrats’ candidates in the primary for the New Jersey U.S. Senate seat aren’t the only ones releasing campaign ads.

American Commitment Action Fund, a conservative SuperPAC, is launching a video which effectively throws cold water on the pretense of Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s Corey Senate Campaign’s claims of accomplishment. The new ad, made by RedState’s own Ben Howe, does so by showing the real Cory Booker — a liberal with a record of failure, higher crime and bitter division.


You can watch the ad, “titled” “#BookerFAIL: The Charade is Over,” below.

American Commitment will spend $100,000 for an online ad buy for new video. The video also appears on the PAC’s website

Booker claims he “got guns off the streets.” But in November 2010, Booker laid off 167 police officers and arrests fell, while the number of shootings, homicides, and robberies rose.

Booker claims he brings people together. But in November 2012 a near riot erupted at Newark City Council meeting after back room political maneuver was used by Booker to fill a vacant council seat with his choice. Then there is the rift Booker created with Sen. Lautenberg when he announced his intent to run for Luatenberg’s seat. As a result, Lautenberg’s widow supports Frank Pallone and knocks Booker.


So far Booker is the favorite in Democrat primary and is also favored in the general election, with former gubernatorial candidate Steve Lonegan his likely opponent.

The primary is Aug. 13. The general election is Oct. 16.


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