Sen. Ron Johnson delivers weekly GOP address - Obama grew debt, not economy

In the weekly GOP address, Wisconsin’s U.S. Ron Johnson takes the president to task for the failed Obama economic policies:

We are all disappointed by the failure of President Obama’s economic policies… His budget busting stimulus plan grew government, grew our debt, but failed to grow our economy.”


You can watch Senator Johnson’s terrific address below:


Senator Johnson starts by noting that it has now been more than three years since Harry Reid’s Democrat-controlled do-nothing Senate passed a budget and points out that Obama has done nothing to encourage the Senate to pass a budget. This week in the Senate, the President’s budget lost by a vote of 0 – 99. Last month, it failed in the House by a vote of 0 – 414. And last year, Obama’s budget lost by a 0 – 97 vote in the Senate:

“This is a stunning repudiation of his leadership.  At a time when America requires sober financial management, President Obama’s fiscal plans have been so unserious, that not a single member his own party supported them with their vote.

Without a budget, is it any wonder that America’s fiscal house is in total disarray?”

Not only did the Senate reject Obama’s “unserious” budget, it also rejected four Republican alternative budgets.

In the second part of the weekly address, Senator Jonson talks about Obama’s failed economic policies and how those policies have grown government, grown our debt, but have failed to grow our economy:

“Instead of concentrating on job creation, President Obama has concentrated on growing government and increasing its control over our lives.

[. . .]

The President and members of his Administration are true believers in big government. They point to the 46 million Americans now on food stamps as a metric of success. It is not. It is a metric of failure that highlights how his policies have not put Americans back to work.

Because of his policies, dependence on government has increased, and individual opportunity has declined.”


Obama’s policies have caused gas prices to more than double, increased the national debt by more than $5 trillion and failed to get unemployment below 8 percent.

Despite his promises to cut the deficit in half by the end of his “first” term, Obama has racked up the largest deficits in U.S. history:

You shouldn’t be shocked by Obama’s failure to reduce the deficit in half by the end of his first term in office. He did warn us there would be “trillion-dollar deficits for years to come.”

Senator Johnson ends on an optimistic note calling this the “time to return to the values and principles that made this country great”:


“I grew up in an America that valued hard work and celebrated success. America became the economic engine of the world, not because of government, but because millions of Americans had the freedom to pursue their dreams.

We can reclaim this heritage once again and build a society where hard work is rewarded and every American has the opportunity to succeed”

The full transcript of Senator Johnson’s address is available at Right Side Politics.


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