I'm done with the Super Bowl. The leftists have won.

There are a lot of folks who watch the Super Bowl for the experience and could care less who wins the game. It’s about the party, the time with friends and family, and just to have fun.  Super Bowl 49 (or whatever the Roman numerals are) slammed the brakes on that experience and brought it to a screeching halt.


The TV ads are one of the staples of a good Super Bowl party.  Partiers may glance at the game play every once in a while, but when the ads come on, everyone shuts up and watches.  And when that happened last night, we were pummeled with a non-stop parade of left-wing propaganda.  Thankfully, the first ad wasn’t what it started off to be – a failure of my DishNetwork receiver.  Chevy actually gets kudos from me for being creative and funny with their LTE-equipped pickup truck piece. But it was downhill from there.  Next up was the TurboTax advertisement, where the colonists, at the behest of the British army, decided that it was a-okay to be taxed without representation as long as they could file their taxes for free.  What better example of Obama left-think than to say that a tyrannical king should be able to tax to his heart’s content as long as he gives the peons some freebies?  Do you see any similarities with leftist politics?  Obama, anyone?

I’m sure the TurboTax spot would have kept conservatives buzzing even into this morning had it ended there.  But Nationwide did them a favor by providing what is being described as the “worst ad in Super Bowl history.  They clearly subscribe to the “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” theory, as they definitely generated some attention with their Dead Kid ad.  I suppose they think that they were doing us all a favor by placing attention on the need to kid-proof your home.  Nationwide’s ad agency, Ogilvy, said the ad was “brave”.  There’s a fine line between “brave” and “stupid”, Adam, and you crossed it.  The really stupid part of this one is that they stated they just wanted to “start a conversation”.  Well, they did succeed there: they started a conversation about how bad their commercial was.


Then we have the “Dad isn’t at home” ad from Nissan.  Cool.  Let’s lay down the guilt on the fathers who travel to support their families.

And then there was the “Throw Like a Girl” spot.  Yes, let’s use the Super Bowl to guilt the viewers again.  I suppose this was the feminist backlash against ads like Dove’s that were showing fatherhood in a positive light.

And in St. Louis, we got to watch a kid stagger into his room and collapse from a heroin overdose, soon to be discovered by his crying mother.  Oh, that was uplifting.  (I get it.  They want to put a stop to heroin use.  That’s good. But save it for another time)

I don’t watch the Super Bowl to be guilted and shamed.  I don’t need to be taught a lesson.  I got a sermon during the morning church service.  I watch the Super Bowl for fun.  Thankfully there was a bit of fun and light-heartedness in the Snickers “Brady Bunch” piece and with the absolutely fantastic Budweiser Clydesdales/puppy spot.  Those were the high points.  Those were fun.  But the overwhelming mood & aura that was cast during last night’s Bowl ads was largely negative.

I’m pretty sure the NFL has some say in the ads that get broadcast.  I’m pretty sure NBC really doesn’t care what ads are on as long as they get their dough.  But as a viewer and occasional football fan, I care.  I watch for entertainment.  Not to get judged.  I don’t watch the Super Bowl to be told we need to “have a conversation”.  Save the “conversations” for another day.  If that’s the future direction of the Super Bowl, then I’ll spend my time on something more worthwhile.  The left-wing ad execs have won.  They killed it.  The Super Bowl is now officially yet another propaganda outlet for left-wing psychology.  As if we needed another one.


(One thing about the game – it was a good football game, even though the cheater won.  Pete Carroll will go down as making the worst play call in sports history.  At least the 9/11 truther lost.)

Next year?  Bring back the beer, boobs and bacon-burgers.  To heck with the sermonizing guilt trips.  Or from here on out, on Super Bowl Sunday I’ll be hosting a classic movie night and watch something that provides better entertainment than a scantily-clad talentless chick singing and riding a robot, surrounded by inflatable sharks.  Watching something more entertaining than the tripe served up by the NFL last night lets me feel better about myself and the world when it’s over.


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