House GOP Puts Zuckerberg On Notice, Probes FBI's Role in Burying Hunter Biden Laptop Story

On Thursday, more than 30 Republicans signed a letter seeking communications between Mark Zuckerberg-owned Meta Platforms Inc., formerly Facebook, and the FBI. The letter, signed by top GOP leadership in both the Judiciary Committee, Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH), and in the Oversight and Reform Committee, James Comer (R-KY), comes after Zuckerberg admitted on a podcast that Facebook buried the scandalous Biden family corruption story ahead of the 2020 election.


While being interviewed by Joe Rogan on the popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, Zuckerberg confesses that in the weeks ahead of the 2020 presidential election, per Russian propaganda warnings from the FBI, his social media platform limited the reach of a New York Post article detailing the contents of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop. The story included information about the then-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s knowledge of Hunter’s quid-pro-quo foreign business dealings. Zuckerberg said the FBI didn’t point to the Hunter Biden laptop story in specific, but that the story fit the pattern for the type of information the FBI warned should be suppressed.

Recent polls indicate that the election interference of limiting the story had consequences at the ballot box. Nearly 80 percent of Americans believe ‘truthful’ coverage of the story would have changed the election outcome. An even higher number of Americans think US Attorney General Merrick Garland should appoint special counsel to investigate the contents of the laptop. Nearly 75 percent of those following the topic believe that the FBI and the intelligence community deliberately misled the public when they claimed the laptop was a Russian disinformation plot to harm Biden’s bid for president.

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Even though they had not seen the materials on Hunter Biden’s hard drive, in October of 2020 more than 50 former U.S. intelligence officials, including CIA Director John Brennan, signed a public letter claiming information published by The Post “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.” Joe Biden cited their letter in the presidential debates to deflect questions about the laptop.

Last month, through Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) a whistleblower alleged that after the FBI took possession of the laptop in December of 2020, the investigation was sandbagged for months with the bureau saying they were “not going to change the outcome of the election again.”

Federal agent Tim Thibault, FBI Washington Field Office Assistant Special Agent in Charge was seen being escorted off the bureau’s campus last week after he became the center of allegations of extreme political bias. My RedState colleague Nick Arama reports,

 According to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), citing the whistleblowers, investigations were opened including against President Donald Trump based upon flimsy liberal media reports while the matters with strong evidence regarding Hunter Biden were shut down.


The FBI and DOJ continue to be scrutinized by the public and GOP leadership in Congress for their roles in the Mar-a-Lago raid, harsh treatment of political prisoners involved in January 6 protests, promoting the fake Russian collusion allegations in the Steele Dossier, falsifying documents to obtain a FISA warrant for Obama-era spying on the Trump campaign, and other partisan efforts.

Come November, voter sentiments might include a populous power-check on establishment corruption. Ironically, amid efforts to snuff and spin stories, and politically weaponize the justice department, the Biden Administration and its cronies continue to self-own by illustrating the reasons Americans elected Donald Trump as president in the first place. In the three weeks ahead of 2016’s election, Donald Trump tweeted the phrase “drain the swamp” 79 times. Now, more than ever before, Americans know exactly what deep-rooted corruption Trump was highlighting. With articles of impeachment already drafted and GOP Congressional members posturing to investigate Christopher Wray’s FBI and Merrick Garland’s DOJ for partisan conduct: Republicans don’t need new mantras, just renewed efforts to make America constitutional, again.



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