Politics and Pensions: Where Hope Goes To Die

Two day ago, The President and Governor Romney met with voters in Dayton, Ohio about five miles apart from each other.  On the one side, was President Obama proudly proclaiming that his auto bailout saved middle class workers in their time of need.  Meanwhile, in front of a closed Delphi auto parts plant the story was not as cheerful.  20,000 Delphi employees were looked over when the administration bailed out General Motors.


Besides working for the same company, the employees only had one other thing in common: they were not part of the auto union.  As a result, their pensions were cut up to 70% while their unionized coworkers received full pensions.  The Obama administration has repeatedly denied their involvement in the choosing of who received pensions, even as evidence plainly shows they went as far as lying under oath to cover their tracks.  President Obama claims that pension protection is at the top of his priority list, unfortunately, it appears his promises only apply to workers under the strong arm of unions.


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