A Confession

I’ve made no attempts to hide my former Democrat self, as anyone who knows me can attest.  I enjoy connecting with other reformed Democrats and sharing stories of the group-think we were a part of, unbeknownst to us at the time of course.  That there are so many of us is a large part of why I find it hard to resist debating Democrats today; perhaps I can help them escape the matrix just as someone helped me…


Having spent so many years in that world, it’s difficult sometimes not to fall back into the old habit of reacting before thinking.  I’ll admit too that sometimes the mainstream media pushing a meme causes me pause – am I on the right side of things?  Then, I simply remind myself that I’m now on the side that is against murdering babies, and the fleeting moment of doubt is gone.  That’s not the confession I need to make today though.

I was once not happy with the Romney pick.  Now, now I hear you saying that it’s no surprise, many conservatives were upset, big deal.  One by one we fell quietly into line, never really talking about “the before time.”   I, however, have gone through a change during this time that I feel is important to bring to light.  Maybe I’m not the only one?

When Romney reentered the race I, like many others, felt frustration.  Didn’t he get it the first time?  We don’t want him, move on!  I cast my lot with another candidate who shan’t be named, who ultimately wasn’t ready for the big-time yet.  When unnamed candidate eventually chose not to endorse the amazing Ted Cruz, I was confused.  Then when I heard of the voice he put on for a group of pastors at his ranch, that was unlike his public voice, I knew I hadn’t made the right decision.  I still was resistant to Romney though.  He looked like a Ken doll and seemed so… establishment!  Mind you at this point I didn’t really know the man, but I had thought I knew unnamed candidate so maybe it was worth another look.  Not that I had a choice, by this point it was obvious that the GOP would be picking Romney and I would be standing behind anyone who was up against Obama.


So it began; I actually had to take an honest look at what Romney stood for beyond the stories of RomneyCare.  What I found was, surprisingly, someone I could relate to.  See, Romney used to be prochoice.  Many accuse him today of still being so, but I’ve been through that change and know that people actually do change their minds.  Okay, so next up was understanding this Bain Capital thing.  I’d heard the spin that Romney ran a business off the backs of the poor and (gasp) made money too, but I’m way passed the point of believing that the capitalism that runs so deep in our country’s rich history is a bad thing.  To sum up my findings, Romney ran a successful business that took in other businesses on the brink of failure and helped them recover.  Some people had to be let go in the process because the money wasn’t there to pay them.  As my husband is a small business owner, we’ve been in the painful position of having to let people go because the money wasn’t there.  Perhaps if we had a Bain Capital behind us, we could have recovered and hired people back.  We didn’t though, and eventually the whole thing fell under.  If Romney helped companies avoid the heartache we went through that’s another plus for me.  Somewhere around the time I was giving a second look at his policies, which all seem fine to me by the way, I read whispers on the Twitters about a company shut-down to look for a missing teenager.  I researched the rumor, as I am prone to do, and found it to be true.  Romney shut down Bain Capital and flew everyone to New York City to search for the missing teenage daughter of a colleague.  She was found and I was a bit shocked.  This was Sarah Palin all over again.  It took watching, “The Undefeated,” to realize how duped I’d been by the MSM on her.  How much more did I not know?


That question was delightfully answered at the Republican National Convention.  If the goal was to beat back the rhetoric about not knowing who Romney was, I’d say the GOP hit a home run.  I already knew more about Romney than anyone has about Obama in the last four years, but I wanted to know more.  I’m in the business of sharing knowledge and it certainly seemed there was a lot that the mainstream media was not sharing; big surprise again here.  At this point, I should mention that the pick of Paul Ryan was brilliant and I don’t know anyone who felt otherwise.  Who knew a math nerd could be so…  Anyway, the stories conveyed at the convention left me, dare I say, smitten with Mittens.  How he stood by the side of a dying boy and his parents, his support of a young couple who’s daughter was born prematurely and ultimately passed away from her battle with health, and Ann Romney’s telling of their marriage as a “real marriage,” a description any happily married woman knows needs no further explanation.  My personal favorite tidbit, which related to me a fiscal responsibility that sounds familiar, was the picture of the tinfoil attached to the light in the kitchen.  The story going something along the lines of Romney using whatever lightbulb was around to replace a bulb in the kitchen, then following it up with tinfoil to block the ill-fitting light.  Money saved there to be given to charity elsewhere; not that they released that news until much later in response to the whining of Democrats who support the so very charitable President and Vice President.


So now in these final days, as we count down to the breath of fresh air we’ve been waiting 4 LONG years for, I’ll be doing all that I can to help Mitt Romney get elected.  I discovered at the convention that Romney’s camp has been blowing away Obama’s at social media.  Despite the media’s portrayal as Obama being hip and in charge online, the evidence actually shows that people are spending more time online concerning themselves with Romney.  I should’ve guessed when I heard about the President’s failure to work an iPhone.  I mean I understand not being familiar with it, but seriously it doesn’t take that long to figure out.  His tech failure actually reached the point of dangerous, as was reported, when he had to stop trying to use his iPad for intelligence briefings after the Libyan attack.  Being one who does know how to use an iPhone and iPad, I will be using both to see his defeat.  I can go to the Romney website and make phone calls for the campaign from my iPhone at home; which is a big deal when I have four children at home and not a lot of time to go to campaign headquarters.  With my handy dandy Romney Square, I can take donations for the campaign anytime on my iPhone or iPad.  I’ll continue in my conversations with friends and family who haven’t seen the light yet, I’ll continue on the Twitter and continue to share online the news the MSM still refuses to cover.

It really has been a long four years.  As a great man once said, “there are two paths.”  Standing on this ledge, I’ve no doubt the path “forward” will lead devastatingly down.  I’m taking the path back, to the country that was made so prosperous and wonderful by the genius of our Forefathers.  I’m all in for the fight to save the splendor that I’ve already started sharing with my children.  The rest for the weary will have to come later, we’re almost there.




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