If the Left Is Angry About Religious Symbols in Schools, Then They Should Stop Putting Theirs Up

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Earlier this month, a handful of teenagers were charged with felonies for leaving marks on an LGBT mural that was painted on the road. In fact, there's a rash of these kinds of vandalizations happening all over the nation and each one is treated like a massive hate crime by Democrats and activists. 

So holy is the LGBT cause to the left that they're willing to go above and beyond to make you accept it. 


They're Not Leaving Marks on Pride Murals Because They Hate Gay People

So, you'll pardon me if I'm not too moved by complaints from the left, the LGBT activist community, and elected Democrats when they clutch their pearls and run to their fainting couches over the Ten Commandments being displayed in school. 

As Becca Lower reported on Wednesday, Louisiana passed a law requiring the Ten Commandments to be displayed in classrooms at state schools. It was a move that was called "blatantly unconstitutional" by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Louisiana. 

To rub salt in the wound, former President Donald Trump tweeted this out: 

Maybe. I guess we'll find out what the courts think soon. I'm not entirely moved by the sudden display of care about what is and isn't Constitutional by the left, but I digress. 

I think this anger surrounding the display of the rules that act as the foundation of our system of laws is silly. Even if you aren't religious, this is a historic set of laws that acted as the foundation for the moral direction of our own country. But I can't help but find it all the more ridiculous when I see things like this in schools:

Let's be real here. These activists aren't mad about religious symbols going up in schools. They put theirs up in schools every chance they get. They preach the word of queer activism to children as young as four, and try to hide it from parents if they know there would be backlash about it. These people are zealots. 

Their issue with the Ten Commandments is that these laws come from a rival religion. One they hate more than any other, despite it being a religion that allows for these people to live, work, and commit their sin without worrying about being murdered, tortured, or imprisoned for it. Hilariously, they'd much rather show their support toward religions that would do horrendous things to the LGBT community if their dominance was established here in the West, but they don't like talking about that. 

The bottom line is that if they're going to get mad about the Ten Commandments and see to it that Christian symbols never go up in schools, then they need to stop trying so hard to put their symbols up everywhere children are. I don't see them getting too upset about religious symbols displayed in other places like retirement homes. Why is it always around the children? 

While I realize that the LGBT cause isn't classified as a religion, I find its zealots to be far more intolerant and forceful about their cause than any Christian. They certainly murder people for their cause, while Christians seem content to live and let live, allowing God to be the judge of others. 

But they aren't going to see it that way. They don't see themselves as the ridiculous lunatics they are. They truly believe Christians are the despotic bad guys, and as such, their religious symbols of "hate" shouldn't belong in public spaces. 

I'll remember their stance the next time one of theirs kills innocent people. 



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