They're Not Leaving Marks on Pride Murals Because They Hate Gay People

AP Photo/David Goldman

Back in March 2023, a trans flag was painted on a street in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. At some point, a truck was caught on camera, leaving burnout marks from its tires on the flag. The media immediately latched onto the story, and even the city's Democrat mayor came out to denounce this horrendous act of hate. 

Only the entire thing seemed suspect. For one, there was a camera fixed on the mural specifically to catch the truck in the act, which begged the question of why there was a camera fixed specifically on the mural in the first place. Either they knew this was going to happen, or they hoped it would so that when it did, they could turn around and use it as one more example of how hateful America is against the LGBT community as a whole. 

The whole thing screamed "premeditated," and not on the truck driver's part. 

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Fast-forward to "Pride Month" 2024, and these LGBT road murals are a common sight on social media because they all have burn marks on them. 

Breanna Morello posted a video of an LGBT road mural on Delray Beach that had been vandalized within 48 hours of its completion. 

Another pride mural in Spokane, Washington, was vandalized by some kids on scooters. 

These teens were later arrested and charged with felonies because of course they were. It's only freedom of expression when you damage American flags. For the elite, the LGBT flag is the actual flag they salute. 

This is always passed off as some sort of act of hate, and the people who say that are only partially right. There is hate for something here, but I sincerely doubt it's LGBT people. 

Despite what the media likes to portray, America is not a hateful place. Many people have friends who are gay or lesbian. It doesn't mean that a person gives approval to their lifestyle, and they may even speak against it, but that doesn't equate to hatred or desire for harm. That's what the LGBT activist community wants people to believe, which is pretty standard for any activist community. If you give so much as a disapproving glance to something, it's hate, violence, and blah, blah, blah. 

I don't hate LGBT people in the least, but I do get a kick out of seeing pride flag murals defaced when painted on roads, and that's because what that flag actually represents isn't love, or unity, or equality. What it represents in tyranny. It's the flag of the LGBT activist community, which has, on many occasions, declared itself to be my enemy. 

The Pride flag is usually accompanied by hate and division from the LGBT activist community. Pride Month, for instance, isn't the celebration of people who identify themselves as "queer," but it's an opportunity for corporations and politicians to display their willing submission and obedience to a political cause so that they get their ESG money and don't get canceled by the elite or have business-to-business opportunities taken away. 

While corporations might bend the knee, everyone else has to sit and watch as a cause that only applies to a very small fraction of our civilization takes over everything and forces us to take notice in some way, shape, or form. You can't escape it, and that's going to generate a pretty hefty amount of spite. 

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The pride flag represents a kind of social dictatorship in our society. It's a flag that's flown over your child's school as they try to groom and indoctrinate them. It's the flag that's flown over your place of work where policies might have been changed, or training might have been issued to combat your "bias" against them. It's flown by companies you buy from, who shove it into your face when you just want to buy a shirt or a bottle of juice. 

And if you speak out against any of it, you run the risk of being painted as a social pariah. You could lose your job. You could be harassed by strangers. You could even face a lawsuit or two. 

This isn't "love," it's tyranny. 

And that's why when a pride flag is vandalized, people cheer or laugh. It's not born out of hate for gays and lesbians, many of whom are lovely people, but out of a disgust for a controlling activist cabal that most reject. They force themselves on society. 

So, they shouldn't be surprised when society responds negatively. 


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