'We've Lost Everything': MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Says Election-Fraud Lawsuits Have Ruined Him

AP Photo/Nathan Howard

Mike Lindell, CEO and Founder of MyPillow, hasn't a dime left thanks to the lawfare waged against him over claims of a stolen election. 

According to NBC News, Lindell's lawyers at Parker Daniels Kibort LLC (PDK) are pushing him out due to millions of unpaid legal fees: 


In a court filing Thursday, the law firm of Parker Daniels Kibort LLC said Lindell and MyPillow are months behind on their legal bills in three defamation cases, and they can no longer afford to represent him.

"At this time, Defendants are in arrears by millions of dollars to PDK," the filing said. "PDK is a small litigation and trial firm in Minneapolis, MN and cannot afford to finance Defendants’ defense in the Litigations."

The firm said that if it was forced to continue providing legal services to Lindell, the "future fees and costs will amount to millions of dollars in addition to the millions of dollars already owed."

Lindell claimed the 2020 election was stolen through voting machines created by Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems who claim their reputations were ruined by Lindell's claims. A third lawsuit was brought against Lindelol by former Dominion employee Eric Coomer. 

Lindell told NBC that if he had the money, he would gladly pay his lawyers whom he referred to as "brave and courageous." 

"We've lost everything, every dime," he told NBC News. "All of it is gone."

The mixture of lawsuits, bad publicity, and more has left him so destitute that he can't even take out loans. 


"They took away my borrowing because of all you guys in the media," Lindell told NBC. 

According to PDK, Lindell is now seeking new legal counsel. 

It's currently unknown how much Lindell owes in fees exactly, but in March it was reported by Newsweek that Lindell had been forced to borrow $10 million. Regardless of his financial ruination, Lindell told NBC he's not recanting his claims that the 2020 election was stolen: 

"I will never stop trying to secure our elections," he said.

The news naturally has some in the media absolutely giddy. Joe Scarborough and Mike Brzezinski of MSNBC's Morning Joe had a laugh about it on their morning show on Friday. Leading into the segment they played "Tears On My Pillow" by Little Anthony and the Imperials, then Scarborough went into a fake story about a lesson his grandfather taught him about lumpy pillows and conspiracy theories: 

You know, he didn’t learn the lesson that my grandfather taught me, says Joey, if you’re going to start a business selling lumpy pillows, you shouldn’t sell lumpy, he said. No, but my granddad said. But if you are. Yeah, said just make sure at the same time you don’t spread a lot of conspiracy theories and try to do your part to overturn American democracy in a bad mix. That was one thing that he told me, that that was like number two. Number one was don’t go swimming right after big meal. So there are a lot of things. These are some basics, right? Yeah. Will it will. His grandfather told him the same thing. These are just some basics. You do it. Please don’t get cramps or you go bankrupt. Yeah. And I mean, really, does this guy not have a granddad to tell him to stop?


It's likely you'll see more of this throughout the day as the news gets around. 

It's currently unclear what Lindell will do next or what options he might have, but they aren't many. 



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