Disney Is Crashing and Burning and According to New Data, It's Likely Thanks to Conservatives

Disney went from being the "Magic Kingdom" to the "Tragic Kingdom" in just a few short years. The once uncontested king of family entertainment infused itself with leftist politics, DEI practices, and LGBT activism to the point where it's become nigh unrecognizable. As such, Disney's self-inflicted wounds have it bleeding out and despite talk of healing itself, no steps have been made to do so. 


New data about how people feel about the House of Mouse shouldn't make Disney brass feel any better. According to Rasmussen, nearly half the country looks at Disney in disfavor. Polling shows 51 percent of America sees Disney in a favorable light while 22 percent have a very favorable opinion of it. 

Meanwhile, 40 percent have an unfavorable opinion of Disney while 21 percent have a very unfavorable opinion. 

While a majority still sees Disney in a positive light, this doesn't necessarily mean Disney should relax. The issue becomes glaring when you break these numbers down to political affiliation, you find that conservatives largely don't like Disney and that's a huge problem. 

 According to the poll, 60 percent of Republicans have an unfavorable opinion of the company with 35 percent having a "very unfavorable" opinion. Democrats have almost a mirror opposite view with 61 percent favorability and 29 percent unfavorability. 

Why is this a huge issue? Because Disney is first and foremost a children's media company. While it owns properties like Star Wars and Marvel, which appeal to various generations, the bulk of what Disney is revolves around children. 

And it's Republicans who are having the most children. As reported by Fatherly in 2018, Conservatives outpace Democrats when it comes to child-rearing: 


Liberals are not having enough babies to keep up with conservatives. Arthur Brooks, a social scientist at Syracuse University, was the first to point this out all the way back in 2006 when he went on ABC News and blew blue staters minds. “The political Right is having a lot more kids than the political Left,” he explained. “The gap is actually 41 percent.” Data on the U.S. birth rate from the General Social Survey confirms this trend — a random sample of 100 conservative adults will raise 208 children, while 100 liberal adults will raise a mere 147 kids. That’s a massive gap.

Disney has made it abundantly clear that its political interests do not align with Republicans from the inside out. This includes taking on a parental rights bill in Florida on top of the injection of leftist politics and social justice-influenced characters and storylines in its media. 

With all this being aimed at America's children, America's parents began walking away and taking their kids and their money with them. As a result, Disney is crumbling at a shocking rate. 

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So even if Democrat voters approve of Disney, their dollars aren't going to be as valuable as the Republican family unit's. It's likely Disney CEO Bob Iger recognizes this as he's said he's pulling the company away from the culture war because it's angering conservatives twice now. 


However, as I went into detail in a previous article, the chances of him successfully pulling Disney out of this dive and leveling the company out into political neutrality are incredibly low. Disney is so infected with leftist politics, from its employees to its financial ties, that any ideas that seem remotely center-right would have a snowball's chance in Hell of surviving long. 

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Disney didn't just anger its most important customers, it insulted them and attempted to help activists seize the hearts and minds of children against the parent's wishes. It will take drastic and miraculous changes at the company to turn it around, but as it stands, Disney will continue to fall until it's forced to sell itself off piece by piece. 


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