The Mainstream Media Is Facing an Imminent Death


"We might be better off eliminating elections altogether." 

That was an actual sentence that was published in the New York Times. It appeared in an op-ed from Adam Grant, a psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania. The NYT originally published the article under the title “Elections are Bad for Democracy” but when it was pretty clear that title wasn't going over well, they changed the headline to “The Worst People Run for Office. It’s Time for a Better Way." 

Within it, Grant suggested we stop allowing elections by the people and just make the entire politician selection system a lottery much like the way jurors are selected. Unadulterated Democracy should rule the realm, not free and fair elections. That's what the NYT helped push. Never mind the corruption that would come out of a random lottery (who controls what names are put in and who draws them out?), the NYT and its ilk apparently believe it's better than trusting you to elect the right person. 

I've been saying for a very long time that the media is not your friend. In fact, it's your proven enemy. It doesn't like you, it doesn't like your beliefs and values, and it clearly thinks you shouldn't be allowed to select your own leader. 

The mainstream media has proven its overt bias. As RedState's Sister Toldjah recently covered, CNN added to its Scrooge McDuck pile of biased reports by its "Climate Reporter" Bill Weir glorifying Biden's disastrous trip to Maui. Hilariously Weir and CNN were ripped apart as its hypocrisy was exposed through its reporting of Ted Cruz during Texas's freeze. 

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough got into the business of making Biden's trip seem like a gift from the angels by lying about Maui's overwhelming support for Biden's visit, something that we can soundly cast heaps of doubt on

These are just drops in the ocean. As I wrote last year, the media had already built up an unforgivable amount of sins, going so far as to take money from leftist groups in order to report the "news" they wanted to be reported, not the news for what it was. It's pretty clear, at this point, that the media isn't the media, it's a Democrat propaganda arm. 

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And that's why the media is dying. As I wrote in May, it's fading and fading fast and it's accelerating its own demise with every obvious lie they tell: 

Every single one of these stories and more proved to be false, over-dramatic, and egregiously biased. As it become more and more obvious, the media figures still tried to maintain a mask of objectivity like a woman denying she’s cheating on her husband when he walks in on her laying naked next to an equally naked man.

So people are leaving. Trust in the media is incredibly low and viewership for news organizations is down and falling all the time. As my colleague Joe Cunningham reported earlier, three-quarters of the population finds the media guilty of political polarization.

It's gotten to the point where people are tuning out if the mainstream media has anything to do with an event or report. There's far more groundswell for the Tucker/Trump interview than the GOP debate hosted by Fox News. 

In fact, Tucker Carlson's interview with Trump is a sign of the times. 

The mainstream media model is outdated. The alphabet networks run on advertiser dollars and ideological bias. Mix those two together and you get propaganda, not news. It's impossible to get anything believable out of them because they have no reason to give you the whole truth. It profits them nothing. 

Yet, the internet has allowed for something magical to happen, and it brought reporting down to a small group or individual that can be more open about their biases and held to a higher standard in terms of how they report the news or conduct their storytelling. 

The great thing about the internet is that it's constantly giving us choices, which is something that the mainstream media stopped doing long ago. When you turn on your television, you can flip to almost any network and you'll find that they're all telling you the same exact thing, not because that's the story, but because that's the story they were told to tell. 

However, hitting various private journalists online, you'll find more aspects to the story than you were told before. If they're lying to your face and you find out, you'll leave their channels and accounts. They'll no longer get your click or subscription if you gave them one. 

For a corporation, this means little. They can fall back on ad dollars and investors. Private journalists can't. They need you, so they'll behave in a manner to keep you coming back, which often means giving you the truth and being open about their biases. 

There's hardly any reason to switch on mainstream news anymore. It's not trustworthy and you'll get better reporting and commentary from the smaller or independent guys. 

It won't be this year. It might not be for five more years, but there will come a point where the MSM becomes the least influential news reporters in the Western World...and that time can't come soon enough. 



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